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Sexual Intimacy and Neurogenic Bladder

Sometimes I get questions that make me feel emotional. This one did because I was invited to consider her very private confession, one that affects so many of us. I cried because she wondered about her “self worth”. The journey we travel is hard; I will not lie to you. Like the fighters we are,…

Dementia, What Did You Say???

There are so many diseases one can get, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme Decease, HTLV1&2, Parkinson’s, to mention a few, that the symptoms of neurogenic bladder and bowel, are in tandem.

Tested to the Hilt

went to a neurologist, after I was diagnosed with a Neurogenic Bladder. My neurologist has a differing opinion as to the cause. He thinks there is a third of a chance I have Multiple Sclerosis. He did many tests to come to that conclusion


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