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Can Kombucha help my Neurogenic Bowel?

Not long ago Julia and I attended a #BlogHerHealth19 conference in LA. I was fortunate enough to meet Hanna Crumb, an expert on the drink, Kombucha, that can replenish good bacteria into our gut.  Many of us dealing with neurogenic bowel, take antibiotics every day.  The antibiotics can kill our good digestive bacteria. Because of…

A Positive Review for Fohm Co

  I came across a product that I just had to share with you. Fohm is for those who need or want to use flushable wet wipes, but hate the thought of running into plumbing issues. The Fohm system produces a sanitizing foam that you can use in combination with your own biodegradable toilet paper….

A Flacid Bladder Question for Trudy

Question for Trudy: Hi! First I want to say thanks for being brave and speaking out about this problem. I have small, flaccid neurogenic bladder. My question is should I wear diapers? I do wear menstrual pads, but sometimes they are not strong enough to keep the fluid in, so I must change them from…

Fresh Foods and Exercise Help Control my Neurogenic Bowel

For years I have had a neurogenic bladder and bowel. My sacral nerve is damaged – it doesn’t control my bladder and bowel like it used to. My bladder and bowel are paralyzed and flaccid. For my bladder I use a women’s intermittent catheter and I eat a lot of raw foods and try to keep active to keep my bowel moving. Today I want to write about neurogenic bowel . . . Or my very sluggish bowel. The kind of bowel that if I ignore and eat anything, my gut will stop up like a batch of bacon grease kitchen pipes.

The primary symptom of my neurogenic bowel is dire constipation, (a rock hard stool that could be sold as bricks if I wanted another business) if I do not move around or eat well.

Favorite Fresh Foods
In the morning I start my day with a berry shake and often I eat fresh avocado or some other raw item. I always keep cut-up vegetables handy.

Eating like this gives me energy. I find that I do not need to take stool softeners to help with my sluggish bowel if I pay attention to what I eat. My rule of thumb is to try to make sure I eat something that is uncooked and contains only one ingredient at every meal.

Hiking with a Neurogenic Bowel

It would be so easy for a person to give up and not even try to go on long hikes, work, or go out and grab at that ring. I share my stories because I feel it is worth it to live this life. My prayer of you is that you, Just like Nike; “Just do it.”


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