I want to share with you a very kind comment that I received from a reader of this blog. The well-wisher wondered why I did not have a “donate button” on my blog.  She was really helped by the words and wanted to contribute.

I am not interested in money, but what is most important to both Julia and I is to get the word out and help people with practical information that provides hope and encouragement to our community.  Consider gifting the book or eBook. We want to help people who are crippled, either physically and/or emotionally by bowel and bladder dysfunction. We think it’s important to get the word out that they are NOT alone. After much thought, I can honestly say that the most important message I have for all of you is we all need to shed the shame and stand proud. That message needs to get out.

Right now, Beyond Embarrassment, the eBook for Kindle, is available through Amazon, for just $0.99!  Beyond Embarrassment available for purchase on Amazon

If you are interested in gifting the Beyond Embarrassment eBook, copy & paste the following book description into a note, which provides an overview of your thoughtful gift:

Reclaim your life with this heartfelt and powerful guide.

Are you struggling with the fear and embarrassment that comes with bladder and bowel problems? Do you want practical and proven techniques to reclaim your emotional well-being so your condition will not hold you back?

Across the United States, millions of people suffer from bladder and bowel problems. This can lead to a lack of control, frequent embarrassment, and even a fear of going out and being in public places. But your condition doesn’t need to control your life.
Told through a combination of inspiring personal stories and enlightening scientific insights, author, JoAnne Lake, shares her journey, providing readers with a wealth of practical suggestions and strategies for managing their condition and learning to thrive.

Breaking down the current research and facts with the help of expert medical research librarian and bio-sleuth, Julia Parker, Beyond Embarrassment is a powerful and eye-opening book designed to encourage, motivate, and equip you with the knowledge you need to reclaim your well-being.

In the book, you’ll discover: 

● A Breakdown of The Science Behind Neurogenic Bladder and Bowel Problems
● Practical Methods For Dealing With Your Condition
● Essential Tips To Equip You With The Knowledge For Daily Motivation and Positivity
● And So Much More…

Ideal for healthcare professionals, medical students, and anyone who personally has this condition, Beyond Embarrassment lets you defeat the fear and embarrassment holding you back and create a happier, healthier future.

What readers are saying about Beyond Embarrassment:  

★★★★★- “…A satisfying blend of personal account and medical insights.”—D. Donovan, Editor, Donavan’s Literary Service

★★★★★ – “The best and most complete book on neurogenic bladder syndrome that I have read in my 30 years of family practice medicine.”—Kathy Matteson, MN, FNP, ND, Medical Provider

★★★★★- “Exceptionally well written and thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in organization and presentation”—Susan Bethany, Midwest Book Review