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Drugs and Devices to Discuss with Your Doctor

               Michelle Y. Llamas                  Snior Content Writer,          Occasionally we are fortunate enough to have a guest. Michelle Llamas is a blogger from Drug Watch We all rely on drugs and medical devices to improve the quality of life for us and out loved ones. But sometimes drugs put device companies put unsafe products on the…

Snowflake Babies and my Neurogenic Bladder

Now this is an interesting dilemma for me because like those tobacco farms in the south, using black slaves to make a profit, I could actually live an easier life and even a longer life if my spine and especially my sacral nerve could be rejuvenated. But at what cost?

Genomics, Cracking the Code

I submitted my “application” to be a part of a “Genetic testing”study. Would the results of that shed light on my neurogenic bladder?


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