I learned about Ozone Therapy with the help of Doctor Woodall ND, of Issaquah Washington, who suggested this, for treating chronic  bladder infections.  Being the adventuresome sort I, under his guidance, tried it.

I would encourage you to do your own research and find what is comfortable for you understanding the risks and benefits. For me screaming bladder infections constantly, while taking daily antibiotics feels broken.  I felt for myself, ready to try something, ANYTHING.

Dr. Mark Woodall, Naturopathic Doctor

So here it goes

After the discussion with Dr. Woodall:

I also found two books on ozone therapy;

  1. The Ozone Miracle “by Frank Shallenberger, MD HMD ABAAM
  2. “Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy, a practical guideline for physicians” by the same doctor.

The process started by Dr. Woodall giving me a prescription for a medical grade O2 tank.  It was not easy for find a supplier, but after many phone calls I did find one in our neighboring town.  The O2 tank costs $15 every time I fill up.

The next step was for me to go to Simply O3 , Ozone Generators, Simple, Dependable. I bought the Stratus O3.


I also needed Syringes to fill up with O3. I found these at Simply O3 too. The end of the syringes had a leur lock so I needed to find a intermittent catheter to fit on the end of the syringe.

I did this by calling Byrum, my medical supply company helped me with this part.  After Dr. Woodall sent them a prescription for the new type of leur lock catheters , Byrum sent several  intermittent catheters for me to experiment with,  The one I settled on was;

50196, REF 240 FR/14 6n/16 cm  I think next time I will try to get a longer catheter because with this shorter intermittent catheter, I need to cath two times, once with my regular catheter and then again to insert the O3 gas. A longer catheter would allow me to just cath one time.  Once for emptying my bladder and then again to connect the syringe to the intermittent catheter to  insert the O3 gas.

The verdict is not completely in yet ,but I want to share this with you, because of taking this chance I have not had a single bladder infection this summer and for the first time my urine is the yellow of light straw. You must know that this color is now my favorite color because it means that my bladder is happy.

Thank you Dr. Woodall!