I have a beautiful immune system and I want to help it work with the help of hydroxycloroquine, zinc, and D3.    Let me share with you, my dear friends, how I am coping with this whole COVID crisis.
I see a lot of pain and worry in our world, especially this year. It has been magnified by the terror of a worldwide pandemic! But to deal with my own anxieties, I try to think more about solutions, instead of dwelling on the problems part.

As soon as President Trump said that Hydroxychloroquine  (HCQ) held promise I wanted to try it. Borders were closed, but I found a lecture by Front Line Doctors, on HCQ.  See video below. I thought it could not hurt, since many countries sell it over the counter. As many of you know I now am classified as third-stage kidney failure, due to the multiple bladder infections I have had over the past several years.  I am in a high-risk category.  For me, trying this relatively safe drug seemed right.

For those of you who live in states that are resisting the aid, and don’t allow HCQ prescriptions, here is how I got it.
Go to:
www.speakwithanmd.com I paid $57.00 up-front and spoke with a medical professional, to get the ball rolling.

After receiving my HCQ, I took them 5 days in a row and now, only once a week. I also take it with zinc and vitamin D3, which is very important, in giving our immune system the boost it needs to ward off new infections.

I also want to comment on the use of masks.  I very rarely use one and if I do, I never block my airway because I do not want to compromise my lungs. I have a good reason for this.  Because of my urological issues I take an antibiotic every day that in some rare cases will leave deposits on my lungs. I do not want to cause damage to my lungs, that can be caused by long-term mask use.

So there you have it.  I understand we are all different and have all kinds of beliefs. I just want to share my point of view, with you.

What are your thoughts?