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Urogenital Fistula Results in Bladder And Bowel Problems

I want to take a break from writing about my neurogenic bladder and bowel issues in present-day U.S. (with all the comforts, cures, latest devices, assorted antibiotics, and medical treatments available to us).  I would like to now put the spotlight on my sisters, in developing countries, who suffer from a far more humiliating and painful…

Consider the Risks before Surgery

Women contact me regarding surgical procedures they are contemplating. I tell them that I am NOT a doctor . . . just a gal who is trying to figure life out, like everyone else. Desperate women ask me about Interstem, mesh inserts, so many questions . . . that if I am honest, I would…

Pelvic Pain and Bladder Infections

Trudy talks about Pelvic Pain: Pelvic pain has many causes; endometriosis, menstruation, constipation, for me I am sure mine was caused by bladder infections that cropped up nonstop, because of my underactive bladder. With all of the drama and head games swirling in my head I, at one time, I lost my identity.  Was I a sexy…

Drugs and Devices to Discuss with Your Doctor

               Michelle Y. Llamas                  Snior Content Writer,          Occasionally we are fortunate enough to have a guest. Michelle Llamas is a blogger from Drug Watch We all rely on drugs and medical devices to improve the quality of life for us and out loved ones. But sometimes drugs put device companies put unsafe products on the…

Who takes care of the Medical Frequent Flyers? (AKA – Please don’t give up on me; I’m still here!)

Lately I have been a “Frequent Flyer” – that is, with multiple doctor’s offices. I have been in to visit my urologist, a “doc in a box” emergency care clinic last Saturday, and today, I am heading out to my family practice doctor. WHY?

All because I can’t seem to get these bladder/kidney infections under control.

The pain is distracting, as I know many of you understand. I have had back pain because of my kidney and bladder that seems to take over my body because it makes my whole body hurt.

What I have a hard time comprehending, digesting and determining is to whom do I go when the problem persists? A few months ago I was in the emergency room due to a kidney infection. No kidding, it caught me totally off guard; I thought it was an appendicitis, it hurt so much. Once in the emergency room, I was told to book an appointment with my “doctor”.

I automatically booked one with my urologist. When I got there, however, my doctor was out of the office and the Tech lady asked me, ”Who is treating your kidney infection?” I thought, “ummm, well I thought YOU were,” but perhaps I should have gone to my family practice doctor. I was given some antibiotics and told to take them for a week. I could tell however, just by how my urine smelled after the course of antibiotics was complete, though that I was still in trouble. I dutifully stopped taking them. Sure enough, the pain and cloudy urine showed up several days later, again, now, on a Saturday.

Pelvic Pain, Wellness Starts with “We”

Please allow me to introduce a guest author, Faith whom I met at the Blogher confrence in San Jose. Like me she has a passion to help women with a personal medical problem that is not so easy for us to talk about.


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