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Pregnancy and Neurogenic Bladder

Question: Hi Trudy! I am 30 years old and been diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder from the age of 9 due to spinal cord surgery that went wrong. Ever since I have been using self catheterization between 5-15 times a day. Went to school, got my degree and worked a full time job. It’s been…

Book Beyond Embarrassment can Help When Using an Intermittent Catheter at Work

School is already in full swing.  I thought this question was so timely. Working in a busy school environment can be so fast paced and crowded.  Our need for cleanliness, privacy, and professionalism all seem to collide at times. Especially when learning to use  an intermittent catheter. The book “Beyond Embarrassment” can offer useful tips….

The Value if an Infectious Disease Doctor- Antibiotic Overload

Not long ago, while out of town, a spider or some sort of bug decided to decorate my face. I noticed a few pinprick type bites that at the time did not bother me much. I have been bit countless times, so besides the itch, I just ignored the discomfort. After several days the footprint…

Pelvic Pain and Bladder Infections

Trudy talks about Pelvic Pain: Pelvic pain has many causes; endometriosis, menstruation, constipation, for me I am sure mine was caused by bladder infections that cropped up nonstop, because of my underactive bladder. With all of the drama and head games swirling in my head I, at one time, I lost my identity.  Was I a sexy…

No I am not Crazy, I have a Bladder Infection

I realize lately I have been complaining a lot about my wellbeing. I apologize for thatPhoto #4, but since I feel rotten and this is my blog, you get to ride along. Personally, kidney- bladder infections are the pits. I have been letting my family practice doctor handle my chronic bladder infections these days; perhaps it is not working out so well.

Last Wednesday I felt an infection start. My urine smelled like ammonia; I knew I was in trouble. The doctor told me to “make sure I needed antibiotics”, so I waited until my urine was cloudy and my bladder and body was wracked with so much pain I could barely stand it. I went to the Saturday clinic, thinking that I could drop off a urine sample and then get some antibiotics. But, no, this is where my story gets started . . . .

Who takes care of the Medical Frequent Flyers? (AKA – Please don’t give up on me; I’m still here!)

Lately I have been a “Frequent Flyer” – that is, with multiple doctor’s offices. I have been in to visit my urologist, a “doc in a box” emergency care clinic last Saturday, and today, I am heading out to my family practice doctor. WHY?

All because I can’t seem to get these bladder/kidney infections under control.

The pain is distracting, as I know many of you understand. I have had back pain because of my kidney and bladder that seems to take over my body because it makes my whole body hurt.

What I have a hard time comprehending, digesting and determining is to whom do I go when the problem persists? A few months ago I was in the emergency room due to a kidney infection. No kidding, it caught me totally off guard; I thought it was an appendicitis, it hurt so much. Once in the emergency room, I was told to book an appointment with my “doctor”.

I automatically booked one with my urologist. When I got there, however, my doctor was out of the office and the Tech lady asked me, ”Who is treating your kidney infection?” I thought, “ummm, well I thought YOU were,” but perhaps I should have gone to my family practice doctor. I was given some antibiotics and told to take them for a week. I could tell however, just by how my urine smelled after the course of antibiotics was complete, though that I was still in trouble. I dutifully stopped taking them. Sure enough, the pain and cloudy urine showed up several days later, again, now, on a Saturday.

Let’s talk about Holding your Urine

Not long ago I received this comment from the Ask a Question part of the blog.
Dear Trudy.

I’m a 23 years old male who thinks I have neurogenic bladder, yet not diagnosed. Here is my story, about 4 months ago I took shower with cold water and the next day was like a hell, I went to toilet like 20 times, but nothing happened during the night, I mean I didn’t wake up to urinate. Anyway the following month was up and down, some days were good, some days weren’t.

Two months after that, I made very silly things due to my social phobia. I cannot go toilet in public spaces, actually it is very hard for me to go toilet except, my house. During those days I had to travel a lot, and I had to use public toilets, but I couldn’t. I held my urine like 4-5 hours for first day, later 2-3 hours and for 1 week all this time I was holding my urine. When I got back home, after all this incidents, I felt weird on my bladder area and urine flow. My urine was not like how it used to be and sensation of urge to urinate has decreased. I went to doctor and he tested me with a urine flow meter and said yes there is a problem.

I don’t think it is a bladder problem. I think it is neurologic bladder, cause sensation is disappeared now. I am able to go when I got the toilet, but in morning I can’t feel urge to go to toilet. I start to urinate after 5-8 seconds. I hope you can give some idea about what I have and how I am going to manage it.

Sorry for my English, I’m not from UK or US.

Best Wishes, Utku

Dear Utku,

For years had symptoms of Neurogenic Bladder not understanding what that was.. But a turning point for me was when I got very sick with bladder problems. Neurogenic bladder is a bladder problem.

Industry ‘must do more’ to Improve Urinary Catheters

I saw this article on BBC News and need to pass it on to you.  Please read it. Industry ‘must do more’ to improve urinary catheters When I was first diagnosed with urine retention I was instructed  to buy reusable red rubber catheters.  After the use of the catheter I was instructed to wash it with dial soap and…

Fighting a Bladder Infection

Dear Trudy,
My name is Enid , I am 50 years old, and I live in Puerto Rico. At the age of 24 I was diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer. Consequently I had to undergo a radical hysterectomy and radiation therapy. Approximately 6 years ago I was diagnosed with neurogenic bladder as a result of the surgery and radiation…20 years later! And regardless of how cautious I am when I self-cath, the bacteria has “colonized” my bladder. Now every 3-4 weeks (no exaggeration) I have to take intravenous antibiotics for 14 days since the ESBL e-coli bacteria has become resistant to all oral antibiotics. My doctors fear that eventually the bacteria will also become resistant to the IV antibiotics, but that there’s nothing else that they can do. They’ve suggested that I visit doctors in the U.S. but due to financial reasons and my job, this is not possible. Has anyone had a similar experience? Suggestions please. Thank you.

My Favorite Things: Trash Can, Big John Toilet Seat & Antibacterial Soap

Now don’t laugh at me when I explain why I appreciate my bathroom trash can so very much! You will surely agree with me when you find out why. Now I know what you are thinking…a trash can for a she for real????

My toilet area is in a tiny little space with no counters, so the trash can sits next to my toilet. I have a procedure that involves a lot of steps and a great deal of waste (which is where that big trash can comes handy):Long gone are the days when I could simply pee like a racehorse, wash my hands and leave.


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