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A Flacid Bladder Question for Trudy

Question for Trudy: Hi! First I want to say thanks for being brave and speaking out about this problem. I have small, flaccid neurogenic bladder. My question is should I wear diapers? I do wear menstrual pads, but sometimes they are not strong enough to keep the fluid in, so I must change them from…

Going Commando – Is it possible for Women with Neurogenic Bladder & Bowel?

Just when you think you have seen it all, along comes a new product that takes the cake.

A garment protector that adds freedom to your step . . . On extra hot days it can offer a breeze down below. A freedom only the brave (or more immodest) once experienced.

How about a cotton adhesive panty alternative? It even offer options! The original “patch” is cotton fleece that is attached to the crotch of any pant. They come in different colors: tan, black, white and of course denim color, that can be worn in jeans, shorts (well if you are a gal), exercise wear and all sorts of pants. The colors offer a discreet protection from female drips and moisture that we as women deal with which makes this product a win-win situation. Regardless of the situation, they are perfect for travel, exercise, maternity, sports, and the needs of men and women in the military. Did you know that military is included because in the field they do not have an opportunity to stop of at the laundry mat and because of a rash that can occur for wearing dirty underwear going commando is the safest choice.


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