Evolution of underwearJust when you think you have seen it all, along comes a new product that takes the cake.

Now for those that do not know, going commando means without underwear at all.  So here is an underwear alternative. A garment protector that adds freedom to your step . . . On extra hot days it can offer a breeze down below. A freedom only the brave (or more immodest) once experienced.

How about a cotton adhesive panty alternative?   It even offer options! The original “patch” is cotton fleece that is attached to the crotch of any pant. They come in different colors: tan, black, white and of course denim color, that can be worn in jeans, shorts (well if you are a gal), exercise wear and all sorts of pants. The colors offer a discreet protection from female drips and moisture that we as women deal with which makes this product a win-win situation. Regardless of the situation, they are perfect for travel, exercise, maternity, sports, and the needs of men and women in the military. Did you know that military is included because in the field they do not have an opportunity to stop of at the laundry mat and because of a rash that can occur for wearing dirty underwear going commando is the safest choice.

Medical Benefits

Sometimes women complain about the elastic which is used in the construction of conventional underwear. They may experience underwear that creates a “binding” feeling that irritates the vulvar area, in particular, or rides up in the back, so that it constantly has to be resituated. This can be a real problem for some body shapes and types – you know if it’s you. Some women even develop a skin allergy to the materials of the elastic banding or synthetic fabrics. This product claims to not hug, bind, restrict or rub the crotch area and is constructed of very soft cotton so that the patch is actually soothing. This product contains no elastic that comes into contact with skin! The health benefits speak for themselves — these pads are made of soft, absorbent hypoallergenic cotton.

Comfort Benefits

The product has a custom lobe shape so it does not bunch up. It moves with the clothes. The absorbency of cotton and the shielding of the seams offer protection from rubbing from the bulk of pants seams.

The adhesive on the back side is a medical grade, much like the adhesive on the back of a Band-Aid. The adhesive is strong enough to stick to the garment but will not pull on your skin or your hair down there. It is good for all sizes, and most situations.

The big difference for me was that it was attached to my pants; not connected to me. It definitely had a different feel – oddly freeing.

The shape of some body-types lends itself to frequent “wedgies”. Looking for a product that offers you a wedgy-free lifestyle? Priceless!


The Biosleuth Test Drive

I donned my patch (original cotton fleece version in denim) first thing in the morning and took off on a busy day. I went to church services, a Polo match, worked out and watched the Sea Hawks win the division championship. My day included a little travel time, plus some delicate social situations AND movement and physical activity to give the patch the work-out I wanted to put it through.

It was a very hot day but I felt breezy and cool. The sensation was comfortable though unfamiliar, almost thrilling and a little naughty. One concern I had when I was in the gym was if the ladies (or men around me) would notice I was not wearing underwear at all? What would they think of me? If anyone wondered, nobody spoke up. One of the only limitations I found is if you are having a day in which you have frequent wardrobe changes, you will need to utilize multiple patches – one for each outfit.

I wondered if it would stay in place where I needed it most. Would it catch what I needed it to catch and not shift? I suppose it might depend on how baggy and loose my pants or shorts were or perhaps if I was wearing a slick fabric that the adhesive backing had difficulty binding to.

The Results: From my experience this day, I must say the Go Commandos patch stayed in place, felt very secure (I checked it throughout the day whenever I visited the restroom) and actually offered me as much protection as my regular cotton-panty underwear. And, at the end of the day, I was able to throw it away. These pads are convenient, disposable, protected my dress pants throughout my mixed activities . . . and an added benefit – reduces my weekly laundry load.


We write this blog for people with neurogenic bladder and bowel and realize that some of us need additional protection during our daily routines. This product is solely for women who are able to go through their days and nights wearing single-layer underwear and do not require multiple layers of protection, for times when more than a few drops of fluid occur.

A very cool feature of this product (pun intended) is the freedom it affords from the binding experience that underwear can cause inducing vulvar pain and/or rashes from which so many women suffer.

They are not meant for swim suits . . . and I suppose really baggy palazzo pants.

To give this product a try, Visit the GoCommandos.com