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Beyond Embarrassment – Symbolism and Depth of Coverage

Recently two important questions were submitted via the website about our book, “Beyond Embarrassment.” I’d like to take this opportunity to share them with you and give you a bit more insight into what it has meant for me, living beyond my neurogenic bladder and bowel. The EASY one, relates to our book cover: “Why…

Consider the Risks before Surgery

Women contact me regarding surgical procedures they are contemplating. I tell them that I am NOT a doctor . . . just a gal who is trying to figure life out, like everyone else. Desperate women ask me about Interstem, mesh inserts, so many questions . . . that if I am honest, I would…

No Trash Can in Stall: Disposing of an Intermittent Catheter

I am going to get real with you and take a moment to express what really comes natural to me: Honestly, “What would Jesus do?”  Here goes: Not long ago our school district had a meeting for substitute teachers at the local high school where I retired from and occasionally “sub”.  I’ll set the stage:…

Finding Joy in the Mist of Trouble

10 ways to find your joy Find joyful books, How about,  Marley and Me? Find joyful people. Celebrate what you have, even the little things. Be creative. Help another. Organize a drawer. Take a load to Salvation Army. Stay away from the news. Forgive past grievances. Think of something that you can smile about. MY…

I’m glad you asked….Let me tell you about my Neurogenic Bladder Book

Last Saturday I attended my very first meeting of the Palm Springs Writers Guild. Our Guest Speaker was Ms. Sheryl L. Roush founding member of Speak and Market like a pro She was a very motivating speaker. She gave us an outline and tools to write for our own speaking engagements explaining our books. That night I was so motivated by what I had learned, I went nocturnal and completed the steps she taught us.

I selected my main thought, ISOLATION NO LONGER, came to mind. Then I brainstormed ideas from my main point. I followed her out-line, and wahah… Here is my explanation, well some snippets anyway, of the book waiting to be published for you.

Type Pad Supports Me, I Support You!

Like a ring of girlfriends we need to band together to offer support and acceptance. Perhaps your story can help someone. Please copy and paste questioner and send to;


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