Last Saturday I attended my very first meeting of the Palm Springs Writers Guild. Our Guest Speaker was Ms. Sheryl L. Roush founding member of Speak and Market like a pro   

She was a very motivating speaker. She gave us an outline and tools to write for our own speaking engagements explaining our books. That night I was so motivated by what I had learned, I went nocturnal and completed  the steps she taught us.

I selected my main thought, ISOLATION NO LONGER, came to my mind.   Then I brainstormed ideas from my main point. I followed her out-line, and wahah… Here is my explanation, well some snippets anyway, of the book waiting to be published for you.

I Opening

a. Not long ago a friend of mine lost her husband to Lou Gehrig’s disease. I took her out to lunch to get her out of the house. When she asked about me about myself, I told her for the first time about my new book, My Life with Neurogenic Bladder, practical tips for living life. She told me, too late, about the frantic episodes her husband experienced as he lost his bladder and bowel function crippling them both during the last days together. I told her, too late, that I knew about aids that could have helped, bowel washes and absorbing products,  that could have bought more time for she and her husband, as they were out and about. All too late when I could have been there for her when it really mattered.

b. The definition of neurogenic bladder and bowel is the altered control of urination or bowel movement due to interruption of the nerve signals to the components of the bladder and bowel when relieving one’s self.

c. For many years I was misdiagnosed with neurogenic bladder and bowel. My body was misbehaving and I became fearful and isolated. In 2009 I got my official diagnosis of neurogenic bladder and bowel. In 2012 I started the anonymous blog as a way to find answers and vent my frustration. I needed to share my secret thoughts to the world. In 2015 my book, My Life with Neurogenic Bladder, practical ways to live life better, will be published.(I hope)

d. We need to shed the shame, stand up, and be proud because health is only one element of a fulfilling life. Besides we are not alone. We need to focus on what we can do and not on what we can’t. And lastly, but not leastly, sharing our story will help others.

II Body

a. It is important to have a positive attitude. Fear and shame can cause depression. Why should we fall into the trap of being ashamed of a particular body part? We do not want to be the brunt of jokes. Sometimes snickers are the result of not understanding the real facts….I am here to shed light on how common neurogenic bladder and bowel really are and how this “new normal, for me” can happen to anyone.

b. The causes of neurogenic bladder and bowel…

It can be age related. I took mother-in-law out to lunch and to my dismay I noticed a brown spot on her white pants and the smell of urine. These where the first clues I had of her impending dementia.

Enid had cervical cancer and needed a hysterectomy. Years later she developed a neurogenic bladder.

Lottie’s first sign of Multiple Sclerosis was urine retention. There are many neurological health diseases that can contribute to compromised nerve signals.

Many children are put into the corner for wetting their pants and not trying hard to keep dry when it is not their fault at all and hereditary issue and birth sealed their fate. Pac is an example of this dilemma.  For years he was whipped for wetting and it was not until adulthood that he understood that he was born with tethered cord syndrome.

Rhoda was hiking. She did not connect her high fever to an infectious disease that was caused by a flea bite, Lyme disease. She now hikes with catheters in her pocket due to urine retention.

Mr. Romeo had multiple sexual partners. He prided himself on catching the right girl. What he did not expect was to catch a neurogenic bladder and bowel due to Syphilis.

Lexi was only 10 months old when she was in a car accident. Because of her injuries, in that traumatic accident, she never did gain control of her bladder and bowel.

What about the college student that ties one on and hooks up and the next morning because of the substance abuse wets the bed during the night, how romantic!

c.  Support is important! There are many silent sufferers. We need to shed the shame stand up and be proud because health is only one element of a fulfilling life. Besides we are not alone. We need to focus on what we can do and not on what we can’t. And lastly but not leastly sharing our story will help others.

III Conclusion

We need to not be defined by what we cannot do. Our health is only one element of a fulfilling existence. Our neurogenic bladder I only part of our bigger journey and we need not cower in the corner, but be bold.

Neurogenic bladder and bowel can happen to anyone anytime and as we share with each other life tips and knowledge we end the mystery and jokes.

Now I ask you what your story is? What is your wisdom to share?

I have a place for your story in the Circle of Friends. Send me a picture and I will publish your picture and thoughts to help others. .