JoAnne Lake

As the author, JoAnne Lake, I share my journey of diagnosis and daily life now with neurogenic bladder condition through my book – Beyond Embarrassment.

As the blogger, Trudy Triumph, I began sharing my difficulties and struggles anonymously with others on this blog and by guest writing on others blogs.  I soon found that there were many women out there that were also struggling and we helped each other. Together we gave information, advice and support for one another through many ups and downs, calm times and those of concern and sometimes panic.  We still do and through this blog we have reached thousands with important words of medical facts, common problems, and support when no one else understood.

I also manage and operate, Triumph Media Press.  Triumph Media Press is dedicated to make lives better for women.

The blog continues but now I am also known by my real name JoAnne Lake. With a supportive husband who ‘gets it’ and encourages me every day to share this message of support and hope now through both my book and blog.

As the mother of four grown children, one of whom has a neurogenic bladder. My writings come from life experiences and emotions as a patient, mother, educator, and friend.

Background: In 2009, I was diagnosed with neurogenic bladder and was so surprised by the diagnosis. Before I received the diagnosis, I struggled with pain and depression because I couldn’t understand why I felt so ill all the time. A urologist told me that I had urinary retention and advised me to use an intermittent catheter daily. Little did I know that there was a balloon inside me getting bigger and bigger.  I also have neurogenic bowel. 

To say that I was mortified of my initial diagnosis is an understatement, yet there was relief as well because I was in a position to be an advocate in my healing and finally there was an understanding of why my body was misbehaving.

After journaling my private thoughts and feelings, I started writing this blog in 2012.

Because of meeting others online who share my frustrations and sufferings of neurogenic bladder and bowel I have come to peace with bowel and bladder problems. Writing is my therapy and a way to connect with others who share my diagnosis or know someone with neurogenic bladder and bowel.

I am sincerely interested in your feedback. We have a section, called Circle of Friends, where sharing can take place. You can share your neurogenic bladder and bowel story. Your story can help another and remember, together we are better.

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