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Exposure of Heavy Metals and Neurogenic Bladder, Part II

This is the second post about heavy metal poisoning and neurogenic bladder and bowel. This is a post you might consider giving to a young person that thinks smoking cigarettes makes them look cool.  Cigarette smoke is an excellent source of heavy metals and one of the sure ways to bladder cancer.  Perhaps a young…

Exposure of Heavy Metals can cause Neurogenic Bladder

Heavy Metals Part 1 After my diagnosis of neurogenic bladder I was offered the opportunity to be in a Pathway Genomics study through Harvard University partnering with Bingham Young University. It was a personalized DNA test. The goal of the test was to study what patients did with the knowledge of their genetic predisposition. Would…

Some Causes of Neurogenic Bladder and Bowel

I was so SURPRISED by my diagnosis of neurogenic bladder and bowel. So far, I do not know why my bladder and bowel misbehave, they just do. I spend a lot of time writing about causes in this blog because the more I learn this disability, it is amazing to me how easily it can happen.

Heavy Metals and Neurogenic Bladder

Recently I received a letter from a medically pushed aside, frustrated, woman who suffers as I do from a neurogenic bladder and in her case knows the root of her issues are heavy metal poisoning.


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