Recently I received a letter from a medically pushed aside, frustrated, woman who suffers as I do from a neurogenic bladder and in her case knows the root of her issues are heavy metal poisoning.

Please see below :


I've been perusing your web site and have a few questions. I too have been diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder 5 years ago and have been dealing with the self- cath issues

 Have you heard of anyone who ever recovered from this problem? At one time I thought I had lost feeling with bowel issues, but went for spinal decompression and regained those feelings.

I'm feeling that there is inadequate medical knowledge and empathy on this subject.

So, has anyone noticed a pattern of other symptoms? For example, I was diagnosed with high level of heavy metals at about the time my neurogenic bladder started.

I think I'm rid of the metals, but my body is probably way out of whack regarding other metals.

When I am at the beginning stages of a UTI the bladder definitely works! I can feel it squeezing and here's very little residual compared to other times.

Iwould think this info is pertinent, but I'm not sure who to see anymore. I've been brushed off and out of so many Dr. Offices, it's truly pathetic.

Bottom line; are there any success stories out there?

Thanks,  Mary

Mary's main question; Are there success stories? I have not heard of success stories, but that does not mean a lot because I do not see patients. I am on a Facebook page called Neurogenic Bladder and Fecal Incontinence; anyone can ask to join the page and that would be a good question to ask a group. From what I have read; there is not a lot of hope of recovery. My Success story is that I have met wonderful people that share my pain, I have a great doctor and I finally found a catheter that fills the bill. I am learning to dance, metaphorically, and someday I am going to tell all of my friends and co-workers about my disability…well maybe not, but I have you…

As I have said many times before I am not a medical doctor, so If anyone can help Mary
medically or personally please add a comment.  This is what I can add to this very difficult topic…..

Mary also shared that  she has a neurogenic bladder due to heavy metal poisoning.  Some heavy metals are lead, cadmium, arsenic,aluminum, and  mercury, to name a few. They are called heavy metals because they are heavier  than water. They are found everywhere, in our water, cigarettes, air; foods because of the chemicals used to grow them ….. our bodies have plenty!

It is easy, unfortunately, for us to be overexposed to heavy metals.  Old houses can have lead. I have read that military housing can be toxic. Not only because of lead but other toxins as well, not sure why, other than perhaps that they are not held by the same safety standards as civilians.  It is not a matter of if we have heavy metal poisoning but how much.  I know that our bodies have learned to adapt, but in some cases the overload of heavy metals can cause damage to our nervous system and cause a neurogenic bladder.  Heavy metals are everywhere, as a person grinds, paints and sands, or a child plays in a playground near a road.

High levels can be found in your blood, urine and hair.

See your doctor about treatment and testing.

Last year I wrote to all of you about getting my genome done. When I got my results back I had some surprises from the results.  I suppose now is the time to share with you one of my big surprises. I have a double marker on one of my MTHFR gene. The whole deal is quite complicated, but one of the draw backs is that my body can tend to retain metals more easily than others. I did have multiple miscarriages as a young woman and now I have a better understanding as to what could have caused them.  Another important fact I learned regarding my propensity  to retain metals is that if I were to get cancer, there are some chemo therapy drugs that I cannot take because of metal poisoning.  What is interesting is I actually knew, before I really knew. Over the years products have made me sick.

     Here are some;

    Many house hold cleaners– I use vinegar and water to clean with.

    Dry cleaning– I try to air out my dry cleaned clothes, but mostly I try to not wear clothes that need to be dry cleaned. I like to quilt and was given some old wool. I got sick before I discovered it was dry cleaned.

    Red meat– since my body tends to retain iron I try not to eat much red meat.

    Old Car Tires– Be careful of the temptation to use them in your garden. Sure they can make your tomatoes grow gangbusters but the toxins will leech out and cause heavy metal poisoning.

    Make up-There can be metals in makeup?  Now I have permanent  make up on my eyebrows and eyeliner. Works for me!

    Medicine and health aids, supplements- A lot  of  health foods are made in China. Recently I bought a veggie protein powder at a reputable health food store. Upon inspection I discovered it was manufactured in China. It is amazing to me that we need to pay attention to this. Packaged in USA is NOT the same as made in…Watch out!

       Other Tips;

      Drink filtered water

      I read the labels on my deodorant.

      I try to eat  organic. 

      If you need to undergo treatment for heavy metals be sue you do your best to keep the good minerals. One way to keep these good minerals is to feed the good minerals to your plants in your garden and or sprouting machine. The plants will absorb the minerals and transform them for human consumption.

      Some of the good  minerals are, zinc, calcium, and magnesium.

      More later!