Just before Easter, on 4-2-12, I submitted my “application” to be a part of a genetic test, because I want to see how the results of the test could possibly impact my life . . . as the future unrolls. I don’t want to seem dismal but I do have a serious condition, and no definitive answer as to why I have a neurogenic bladder, one of which could be a genetic disposition.
I think the one result I am most afraid to discover, has nothing to do with my neurogenic bladder. What if the results of genetic testing show Alzheimer’s? I am not sure of my future, but I do have one parent who suffered with late onset Alzheimer’s and one parent who is quite sharp. Part of me would want to know, so I could take care of that bucket list and just get those things done. Perhaps I would be sad.

Just prior to being diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder, I had to wait two weeks for the results of tests to see if I had cancer. I remember feeling angry at first. Then all of a sudden the anger melted and I felt such a peace, like I was in God’s hands and the situation was not mine to worry about; so get over it.

Perhaps news of Alzheimer’s would affect me in the same way. My husband would probably be the worst sort of pest if he knew; my mom and sister: no way. It would be too upsetting for them. I think if I find that out, I would tell a trusted friend and keep it under wraps for a while. I KNOW I would get more serious about exercise and eating better.
When I was diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder I was a horrible eater. I could consume huge amounts of junk food like a blue whale inhaling plankton. I just did not care. I did what I wanted nutritionally, with carefree bliss. There was something about the diagnosis and the implications it held that gave me the wakeup call I needed. All of a sudden I cared. My body no longer behaved perfectly, but all of a sudden I valued it so much more than I ever had in my whole life. I became grateful for my physical attributes. My enhanced appreciation for life and all that I have, came out of my diagnosis. For that I am thankful.

I am a member of a website for people with various medical conditions. People also list other medical issues like multiple sclerosis, accompanying neurogenic bladder. After the results come back I will have a slight clue as to MS, as well. I might be able to get an idea of what is down the road in that area. I suppose if I knew for sure, I could take medications to ward off further symptoms.

My sister is a breast cancer survivor. My daughter is curious about her vulnerability . . .
To that as well: genetic testing would help my biological children with their future plans. . . well maybe not. They have been ignoring my good advice for years.

I know all of this is so new that even if I do receive shocking news, I will need to remind myself that there are so very many genetic markers that scientists have no clue about. For all of the known markers, there are so many they know nothing about.
So what if I get a clean slate with my genetics test? There will be other things to pursue. You will have to wait. There are two blood tests I can take. I will write about them in a future blog.

There are so many reasons to find out why. Here I go….. I Will get the results next week…More Later..

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