In this blog I generally share primarily about my bladder.  But I also have a neurogenic bowel.  Usually I keep things going (my bowel movements) with my dietary regimen and physical exercise; but at times, I get into trouble.

Last September I was in a biking accident and broke my hip.  The inactivity really backed me up.  I was so constipated that I needed an intervention to resume my regular bowel movements, since my neurogenic bowel relies on physical activity and I was unable to move.  

I used heavy-duty laxatives that I am sure were some type of poison.  It ultimately resulted in diarrhea that led to another bladder infection.  Diarrhea can be dangerous for me because when I use my woman's intermittent catheter, even a little fecal matter near my urethra can cause havoc = bladder infection.

When I asked my trusted support group what they do in such times, I received a logical answer.  (There had to be something safer for me, right?) So this was the reply:  PERISTEEN.

I had heard of Peristeen beforehand; I just did not think that I would be in a position to use it. Here is the kicker: if you are a person with a paralyzed bowel and you cannot stay active, you will plug up.

Peristeen is like the enema I was threatened with by my mom, as a child, if my bowels backed up.  It is an anal irrigation system.   The only difference that I can see is a small balloon device that holds the tube in place as the water is delivered.  Well there it is.  I have a video to share with you. I know it took the mystery out of the ordeal for me.

This summer I am wearing a boot to keep my foot still, so it can heal.  I have a small stress fracture.  So, for a while, at least, no long walks for me.  That can spell difficulties for my digestive system.  Later on I am considering having the pins removed from my hip which means I'll be dealing with another bout of major constipation due to inactivity.  I will try this system then.

I got this from the Coloplast website, it is informative.  It addresses the avalibility in the United States.  Yes, it is a relatively new product.  There are concerns of perforation of the anal cavity, yet it offers relative safety on so many levels.

(addresses availability in the United States)

Testamonials . . .  on irrigation for bowel Management



Disclaimer:  This clip is linked from the Coloplast UK commercial website  


I have said it before and I will say it again, if you are dealing with neurogenic bladder and bowel, it is not the time in your life to be shy.  There are beautiful people out there who will give you tips and advice and doctors, of course, who will take your money . . . (tee hee, that is a joke . . . I value my doctors more than that) but my point is that we need to stay on top of our physical difficulties before they cause additional problems — ones that are probably bigger than the first.

Hope this helps, more later . . . .