My Symptoms

Today my subject is my neurogenic bowel or very sluggish bowel. If I ignore the kind of bowel I have now and eat anything, my gut will stop up just like a batch of bacon grease will clog your kitchen pipes.

For years I have had a neurogenic bladder and bowel. Because my sacral nerve has been damaged, it doesn’t relay messages like it used to. My bladder and bowel are paralyzed and flaccid. I use a women’s intermittent catheter for my bladder and I eat a lot of raw fresh foods and try to keep active to keep my bowel moving.

Dire constipation is the primary symptom of my neurogenic bowel if I do not move or
eat well — a rock-hard stool that could be sold as bricks (if I wanted another business.)

Favorite Fresh Foods


Raw Food

In the morning, I start my day with a berry shake and often I eat fresh avocado or some other raw item. I always keep cut-up vegetables handy.

Eating like this gives me energy. I find that I do not need to take stool softeners to help with my sluggish bowel if I pay attention to what I eat. My rule of thumb is that at every meal I try to make sure I eat something that is uncooked AND contains only one ingredient.

What are some of your favorite raw foods? What do you like to eat to stay healthy?


Shopping for food

When grocery shopping, stick to the outer circumference of the store. That is where you will find the food with one ingredient. The great part is that these products are less expensive, on a whole.I also try to remember the rainbow colors and try to find an assortment of vegetables and fruit that are from the colors of the rainbow.


Exercise and an active lifestyle is key. This can be tricky with a neurogenic bowel because I always need to know where the nearest toilet is, especially if I have been eating a lot of the foods that I described above. Once I feel the urge to go, I have very little time, if any, to make it to the toilet. Another thing that helps me during the day is to make sure my bowels are clear at the beginning of the day. I need to try to have a bowel movement first thing in the morning, every day.

Bloating and cramping still happen; I am not going to lie. This is not a cure for a neurogenic bowel. It is a suggestion for living a good life even with a neurogenic bowel. Healthy eating and an active lifestyle take my mind off my frequent discomfort, but it’s a great distraction from the discomfort and body movement aids in digesting my food.

OK, could I have an accident in public you ask? Yes, I could. Does it stop me? No! – because the uncomfortable, unhealthy alternative ensures that I take the risk of stepping out.

The Perfect Poop

The perfect poop is easy to spot. The only thing that should lay eggs is the goose and those should be golden. If you end up with brown hard eggs you know that you will suffer from Hemorrhoids and bloating. Discomfort can be a constant nag.

If, however, you look down and you see an “s” or a question mark in the toilet bowel, applaud yourself because that is a clue that what you ate did not stay long and you will feel better for it.


What are some of your favorite raw foods? What do you like to eat to keep healthy?

What do you find most helpful to combat your neurogenic bowel?