I came across a product that I just had to share with you. Fohm is for those who need or want to use flushable wet wipes, but hate the thought of running into plumbing issues. The Fohm system produces a sanitizing foam that you can use in combination with your own biodegradable toilet paper. (Any toilet paper you like, in fact). It is an automated dispenser, so you do not need to touch the device to use it  and when the deed is completed, you just flush it all away, down the toilet. 

I am interested in this product because I, myself, have a neurogenic bowel. So interested, in fact, that I write about it regularly in my blog http://www.TrudyTriumph.com and wrote the book, Beyond Embarrassment: Reclaiming you Life with Neurogenic bladder and bowel.

A neurogenic bowel can cause a wide range of symptoms, depending on circumstances and degree of severity. It can result in constipation, or loss of bowel control to the extent that you can pass a stool suddenly & unexpectedly. Bowel issues can range from sometimes leaking a small amount of stool while passing gas, to continuously not being able to control your bowel movements. I have developed a strategy to deal with it that works for me most of the time. My strategy is to keep regular, by building exercise and a high-fiber diet into my daily routine . . . and I keep my chin up. Attitude is actually a major factor to my success!

Having a neurogenic bowel is very inconvenient, at times. Those of us living with a neurogenic bowel try to buck up, fit in, and stay under the radar, but there are times when life gets complicated. Things can get messy. When I worked at a high school, I could never trust myself to use the public restroom stall, which lacked running water, with a private sink. I instead sought out the nurses room or a staff toilet, which included a convenient sink, in the stall with the toilet. But, what if Fohm was a regular mainstay in school bathroom toilet stalls? Surely, I am not the only person that runs into trouble, now and then.

The arrangement in my bathroom, at home, is even a bit inconvenient. Our toilet is separated from the sink by a bit of floor space. A “must-have” for our commodes is toilet paper, of course.  But what if toilet paper alone, is just not enough? Wipes, right? Well not so much, because you can”t flush them down the toilet, AND still need to throw them away, discretely. Which I find gross, actually, if the situation gets messy. A dispenser with sanitizing foaming cleanser to wet my toilet paper is the perfect solution!

Fohm is a great alternative to regular disposable diaper or wet wipes. This dispenser, conveniently placed near the toilet, could or should be standard fare in all work-related & public school restrooms, home restrooms, and nurseries. It maintains both hygiene and privacy and as an added bonus, it’s a “green” solution, to boot. BRILLIANT!

Are you interested in this inexpensive and convenient dispenser?

You can learn more and buy one by clicking on this link:

And if you have questions, the manufacturer has a live chat feature.