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Let’s Take Auto Immune Disease Seriously

One of my very dearest friends is suffering from an autoimmune disease.  Her auto immune attack  is effecting her lungs.  I might be also, since it is possible I have Multiple Sclerosis.   Many of us suffer from effects or have people in our lives that suffer live with this affliction.

Often I have difficulty sleeping because of  sore muscles at night. My range in motion is fine and  my joints are pain free.   Before bed time I usually take an Advill.  The problem I have found is that the pain relief usually wears off by 3;00am.  Many nights I just wake up and write.  It is quiet and I can’t sleep anyway because of the pain.  I know I will need to find a pain med  that takes me through the night.  The very cool thing is that during the day I am so busy I do not even think about how I feel.   I know many people with autoimmune disorders have joint pain as well.  Muscle and joint pain in autoimmune disorders is basically due to a misdirected immune response when  my immune system attacks my own cells and tissues.  There is inflammation and pain also caused by the distruction of tissue or my body trying to compensate for weakness. 

What can be done?  How did this start happening to my body?  Could it be my fault?  Could I have eaten something I shouldn’t t have?  Was I exposed to something dangerous?  I will never know but I can speculate. 

If I had it to do over again I would be more careful about the food I ate.    Have I been  subjected to the toxins in plastics?  What about carlessly  eating pesticides and harmful fertilizers? Is there a connection to what we eat and our environment to auto immune disorders?  It might be too late for us, but what about our pregnant daughters?   What about our sweet children and grandchildren? 

Should we avoid pesticides and fertilizers?

What do you think?  Well I happen to think that there is a connection.  I came upon this interesting list that  I want to share with you,  so we all can make an effort to eat healthy.


Foods to eat organic                                       No need to buy organic

Apples                                                                            Avocado

Peaches                                                                          Bananas

Spinach                                                                           Pineapple

Nectarines (imported)                                                Mango                                      

Grapes                                                                             Papaya

Sweet bell peppers                                                       Asparagus

Potatoes                                                                          Broccoli

Blueberries                                                                     Cabbage                          

Lettuce                                                                             Onion                                                   




 Just some food (tee hee) for thought, more later….p> 

4 Responses to “Let’s Take Auto Immune Disease Seriously”

  1. Reply adrecor ingredients

    It is summer time and that means walks in the woods, camping and all those glorious trips on nature trails enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. However, lurking in some areas there lies a nasty tick that can cause both humans and animals an opportunity to become very ill.

  2. Reply Trudy

    I think it is so interesting that you should mention Lyme Disease. I do not know exactly why I have a neurogenic bladder and bowel . In asking my neurologist to test me for lyme, he refused, saying that because I was from the west coast it was unlikely. I thought it was a good idea since the symptoms are similar.

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