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The Emotional Impact of Bladder Disorders

Before I was diagnosed with an underactive bladder and along with the Biosleuth, Julia Parker, started this blog and and the book, “Beyond Embarrassment: Reclaiming your life with neurogenic bladder and bowel” life had become a “bit complicated”, despite my happy circumstances. I was enveloped in a cloud.  A lovely family, loving husband, yet where…

Beyond Embarrassment – Symbolism and Depth of Coverage

Recently two important questions were submitted via the website about our book, “Beyond Embarrassment.” I’d like to take this opportunity to share them with you and give you a bit more insight into what it has meant for me, living beyond my neurogenic bladder and bowel. The EASY one, relates to our book cover: “Why…

Dear Rush Limbaugh, It is ok to Talk about Accidents at Work!

Dear Mr. Limbaugh, On Wednesday, September 6,  I was listening to your program when you mocked a reporter for sharing on the news about a bowel accident he had while in the Press Room at the White House.  You said that it is not ok to talk about these things. I disagree.  It is important…

Reliable Medical Information for the Patient from a Biosleuth

Does it Keep You Up at Night? How to Find Reliable Medical Information In-Between Doctor Appointments So, you had your doctor’s appointment in the morning and you’re replaying the appointment again in your head. The doctor reviewed your health status and gave you a list of “To Do” items that he’d like for you to…

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Kirkus Review, They liked it!!

Reclaiming Your Life with Neurogenic Bladder and Bowel
JoAnne Lake and Julia Parker
Triumph Media Press (241 pp.)
$16.95 paperback
ISBN: 978-0-99-643054-8; December 1, 2015

Lake’s debut offers a candid memoir of her experience with neurogenic bladder and a wealth of practical advice about coping with its daily complications.

Five million Americans suffer from neurogenic bladder, which has symptoms and stigmas similar to incontinence. It occurs when nerves between the brain and bladder are damaged, often due to spinal injury or prolonged vaginal delivery of a baby. Lake, a Seattle-based special needs educator, had several strikes against her, including heavy lifting during her youth on a California farm, a difficult first labor, a hysterectomy that included removal of her cervix, and back surgery
on a herniated disk. By age 55, her pain was intense enough to require a urologist’s attention. It turned out that urine retention had stretched her bladder and left her prone to frequent infections, so Lake now had to use an intermittent catheter for every bathroom visit.

Beyond Embarrassment, Author Interview

The Theme of Beyond Embarrassment is shed the shame and stand proud!
Questions & Answers Part 1 of 2

Q. What was your inspiration for writing Beyond Embarrassment?
A. I was understandably upset when I first found out that I had a neurogenic bladder. I could not talk about my medical problem because I was too embarrassed. Two things happened as I began my research and living with my neurogenic bladder:

I could find nothing on how to cope with neurogenic bladder and bowel and that made me frustrated.
I started the blog and then the book to get people talking about neurogenic bladder and bowel and to offer useful life tips for living.

Book, Beyond Embarrassment, reclaiming your life with neurogenic bladder and bowel, coming this Fall

We are so excited to share with you the cover of our book. What I find surprising is that as I have been showing the cover not a single person has asked me about the fig leaf on the cover. Well Adam and Eve were embarrassed in the garden…Aren’t you glad they did not try to cover themselves with a Poison Oak Leaf? We would never be…
It is starting to get exciting. Here are some blurbs to get you ready for a great read.

Blurbs (ReviewCover 5s)

Beyond Embarrassment is for everyone who has ever had to face a daunting medical or physical challenge. It is truly inspiring, offering suggestions for managing life’s hurdles. I was engaged with JoAnne’s story and have no doubt others will be too.

While I was prepared for the book’s medical content, what really made a lasting impression is JoAnne’s honest, forthcoming and will-to-succeed story. None of us wants to end up with a neurogenic bowel and bladder, as JoAnne shares, but few can overcome what could be such a life halting condition, as she has done. It is within her generous spirit to tell about her experience. Her goal is to help others avoid the show stopping situations that she had to confront. I particularly like the Knowledge Nuggets and Tips. Each highlights points that JoAnne feels would be of particular importance to readers. And, I agree, they are!

I strongly recommend that health care professionals read this and share with their patients who would benefit from JoAnne’s story. It will make for better, more understanding practitioners, and enhance their patients’ will to succeed.

Elaine Plummer, RN, BSN

Always Discreet Ambassador


A “very powerful and important book . . . an impressive achievement.”

Jonathan Kirsch, Attorney, Trademarks, Publishing, and Copyright Law


“Beyond Embarrassment is a book that helps friends, family, and those afflicted with a Neurogenic Bladder understand and deal with it. As our population ages, you know or will know, someone with a Neurogenic Bladder. Problems develop from hereditary genes, from accidents, from trauma, from aging, from diseases totally unassociated with bladder issues.

JoAnne Lake has studied and written a face-saving book for those who have to deal with this condition. Frank, open and researched to the max with Julia Parker, it explores the ways of dealing with this malady.

An excellent resource book and one that lets you know you are not alone and can avoid the embarrassment.”

James A. Misko, Award Winning Author of As All My Fathers Were and three other novels.


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