Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

On Wednesday, September 6,  I was listening to your program when you mocked a reporter for sharing on the news about a bowel accident he had while in the Press Room at the White House.  You said that it is not ok to talk about these things.

I disagree.  It is important to talk about this problem because so many suffer from this condition.  The embarrassment it causes is crippling.  To make matters worse, some are even stricken with fear about sharing these symptoms with their doctors.

This condition does not only happen if you eat contaminated food from an unlicensed street vendor, it can happen as we age, have a stroke, develop Multiple Sclerosis, I truly could go on and on.

You shamed families who have loved ones and do not know where to turn when this problem arises because they are horrified at the thought of admitting they have this problem.

I feel so strongly about this topic, I wrote the book, “Beyond Embarrassment: Reclaiming your life with neurogenic bladder and bowel. The book is my story with added information from medical research librarian Julia Parker, MS, MLIS.

I wrote the blog for years under a pen name Trudy Triumph because I was so embarrassed by my condition. When the book came out I decided to add my real name, JoAnne Lake, because I felt that people like me need a voice.

Do I feel a bit uncool at times? Honestly NO, not now. I feel like we are uncharted territory for the trampled upon and now we need to kindly ask for our rights as well. Our rights to share our concerns, ask for help at work, ask for grace at times.

Yes, many of us need aids when toileting.  Many of us carry extra clothes.  We are your mothers, fathers, teachers, neighbors, and even reporters. We need compassion, not to be told to keep quiet.

I plan on sending you a book.  Hopefully it will give you an insight on those who suffer, mostly quietly, but need a voice all the same.

Kind Regards and always a fan,



JoAnne Lake aka Trudy Triumph