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Traveling with an Underactive Bladder

Dear Trudy and Friends of the Group, Here we are planning to travel to Argentina where my dad waits for me; he is 92 years old. I am very anxious about it. It is my first time to travel with caths. Our plane travel will be very long, and to cross the Atlantic means 12…

No Trash Can in Stall: Disposing of an Intermittent Catheter

I am going to get real with you and take a moment to express what really comes natural to me: Honestly, “What would Jesus do?”  Here goes: Not long ago our school district had a meeting for substitute teachers at the local high school where I retired from and occasionally “sub”.  I’ll set the stage:…

Dear Rush Limbaugh, It is ok to Talk about Accidents at Work!

Dear Mr. Limbaugh, On Wednesday, September 6,  I was listening to your program when you mocked a reporter for sharing on the news about a bowel accident he had while in the Press Room at the White House.  You said that it is not ok to talk about these things. I disagree.  It is important…

Depression and a Neurogenic Bladder and Bowel

Depression is a real condition for those of us who live with a chronic condition.  Just yesterday, Tuesday, I invited a friend to walk with me.  It turned out that I ended up going by myself.  It was so good that I did because, I ended up having an accident the furthest point from my…

Pelvic Pain and Bladder Infections

Trudy talks about Pelvic Pain: Pelvic pain has many causes; endometriosis, menstruation, constipation, for me I am sure mine was caused by bladder infections that cropped up nonstop, because of my underactive bladder. With all of the drama and head games swirling in my head I, at one time, I lost my identity.  Was I a sexy…

Woman’s Intermittent Catheter, you can do it!

Question: Dear Trudy, I would like to be part of a support group of neurogenic bladder. I am very concerned about it as far as the urologist advised me to self-catheter twice a day. I am in shock. My husband is helping me right now but I have to get used of it. Also I am…

First Encounter with CompactCath, my Free Sample

Currently I use Speedicath by Coloplast.
Currently I use SpeedicathIMG_5584 by Coloplast. For those who do not know Speedicath is small and looks like a skinny tube of lipstick. The complaints I have heard about Speediacath is that it is too short and one sometimes has to touch the lubricated ridged tip to insert it easily. This catheter has served me well over the years.

Now I am provided with another option.IMG_5579
The sample I received was size twelve french. Fourteen french is what I normally use. Measure

My first time using the catheter I definitely needed

two hands. ( I can’t resit this tid bit. Most medical pictures have a woman separate her labia with one had and insert a catheter with the other. For my book Beyond Embarrassment I had a graphic artist change that in a picture, because just by the fact of a woman opening her legs her labia opens as well. Which is a good thing for the first time I inserted this new catheter!) I needed one hand to hold the device and one hand to pull the tubing out of the wound container. As I pulled the tubing through the protective sheath, the white cylinder you see in the picture. (which is great because I am sure this will cut down on infection) I got a little pinch because I did not pull it down far enough.

I then pulled on the wound tubing to insert the catheter in my bladder. There is no lubrication to the catheter yet the catheter is easily inserted. An excess of lubrication can cause a yuky build up over the day so it is nice that they have this feature. The urine flowed out quickly.

The ring shape made it easier to hold.

Countless times I have dropped a catheter in the toilet. Not a fun fishing expedition. This is a part of the design that is surprising to me. It is secure in my hands and easy to held while using.

I am sure insertion will get better with practice.

Summer fun . . . Do not let a Neurogenic Bladder Stop YOU

I was accommodated at this stop.
I was accommodated at this stop.
My memories with my grandson were the best.
My memories with my grandson were the best.
Breathtaking beauty, I almost missed because I was not sure how to handle my neurogneic bladder.
Breathtaking beauty, I almost missed because I was not sure how to handle my neurogneic bladder.
My Husband Randy and Grant.
My Husband Randy and Grant.
Now that Summertime is almost here I want to tell you about a Sheri Griffith River Rafting Trip, I took in Utah last April.


Well of course a river rafting trip means a day long excursion with no restrooms. Because I use a woman’s intermittent catheter to pee, excusing myself to take a swim is not an option.

I also get concerned with sanitation. How clean is the river water? What about my neurogneic bowel? AN ENTIRE DAY, seemed overwhelming.

Luckily I have a husband that does not have the same concern. He told me that even if the worst happens, you will have lasting memories. I am so glad that I followed his advice.

It is easy to fall prey to worry. I had no reason to feel as I did. The day went well because I made some arrangements with the owner before I went out.
1. I was honest and told them that I have a neurogneic bladder and bowel. That meant that I had to have clean water and a portable toilet.
2. There was a chance that I would need to stop along the way.
3.My back was fragile and I needed to sit forward.

No problem, when I arrived I rode with the owner of the company and sat forward in an ore raft.

I had chance to talk to him about other accommodations he had made with others with all kinds of disabilities. He said that they do it all of the time.

I give this tour company my highest rating. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for giving me an exhilarating experience and great memories with my family!
About the tour
Hidden along its path are wonderful steep-walled canyons that were carved by this powerful force of nature over the thousands of years. To experience the Colorado River up close and personal, on a few-day Colorado River rafting trip, is a lifetime experience not to be missed.

Utah’s Premier Company | Rafting Trips out of Moab UT on the Colorado River – Sheri Griffith Expeditions
About the Company
Sheri Griffith, Why PICK USWhy Pick us| Utah’s Premier Company | Rafting Trips out of Moab UT on the Colorado River – Sheri Griffith Expeditions Sheri Griffith River Expeditions has received numerous awards for business ethics and community involvement. Including the prestigious “Best of State Award” for River Outfitter and is the only Moab based outfitter to be recognized by National Geographicas one of the “Best Outfitters on Earth.”

Beyond Embarrassment: The Launch

I want so share the words I said at the launch. They were spoken with a lot of emotion.
So much of life is in the smallness of moments…but harder to mark.

And even harder to remember….Tonight we are enjoying the grand celebration to mark the completion of a book, a book that took far too much of my time.

The deeper the difficulty fulfilling the dream, the brighter the outcome of the fulfillment. The sweeter the celebration.

I feel honored that you are here for our celebration.

Allow me to offer you some background on how this book actually came about.

Try to think back to a time when you faced a life changing

Situation that you wanted to run from.

When I left the doctor’s office on that fateful day after my diagnosis of urinary retention I was glad to know the root of my problems but I also I felt humiliated, defeated, and overwhelmingly and embarrassed.

My many confusing symptoms were caused by a broken part…and to make matters worse it was…down there…

As I continued my daily life I had a menagerie of thoughts I needed to work through. Sometimes facing the world was difficult. To help process my thoughts I started journaling sometimes as prayers to God.

I had so many notes I decided to start an anonymous blog, under the pen name Trudy Triumph.

On February 12 of 2012 I posted my first blog entry sharing with the world about how I felt about my diagnosis of neurogenic bladder.

The book started then too.

Here we are 4 years later the book was born, hard labor and a collaboration that happened, beyond my wildest dreams.

When I imagine the reaction of my friends and family to this book and its topic, I feel a bit queasy because, now they will have a peek into my very private life.

Part of me does not exactly want to be remembered in connection with a toilet, yet I see toileting dysfunction as a last frontier of topics that need to have mature acceptance and an active audience.

Here I am talking to you about bladder and bowel problems. This was once an unspeakable topic for me. I knew that good girls did not discuss such topics. Now you can see the deep crevice in my mind, I needed to cross.

And yes I not only crossed it I threw my paddle away!!

We finally have a book that is by a patient, for a patient. Now the world will see the other side of the story.

Neurogenic Bladder and my life still goes on

Many people ask me about incontinence and think because I have both bowel and bladder incontinence that it must be a death sentence. Well I am here to remind you that it is not and despite some hustles, life goes on.


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