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Consider your Kidneys When Managing Chronic Pain

It has been awhile and for that apologies. Let me share a note with you: Dear Trudy, How are you? First to wish you a happy year and that you keep being such a wonderful person as you are. Yesterday I just was thinking that I do not receive the emails I used to regarding the…

The Value if an Infectious Disease Doctor- Antibiotic Overload

Not long ago, while out of town, a spider or some sort of bug decided to decorate my face. I noticed a few pinprick type bites that at the time did not bother me much. I have been bit countless times, so besides the itch, I just ignored the discomfort. After several days the footprint…

What do ya know? . . . Another Bladder Infection!

I don't mean to whine but this bladder business of constantly fighting off infections is hard to take.  Lately I have barely completed a series of antibiotics, only to get another bladder infection the following week. WHAT GIVES?? I cramp, become really grumpy with my family and just go through the motions at work.  I…


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