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What do ya know? . . . Another Bladder Infection!

I don't mean to whine but this bladder business of constantly fighting off infections is hard to take.  Lately I have barely completed a series of antibiotics, only to get another bladder infection the following week. WHAT GIVES?? I cramp, become really grumpy with my family and just go through the motions at work.  I…

Yearly Physical

After I left my yearly physical, I wondered if I should have asked the main question that burned in my brain on the way home….Should I settle for not being able to feel the classic symptoms of ovarian cancer? Is there another test I can get?

Some Causes of Neurogenic Bladder and Bowel

I was so SURPRISED by my diagnosis of neurogenic bladder and bowel. So far, I do not know why my bladder and bowel misbehave, they just do. I spend a lot of time writing about causes in this blog because the more I learn this disability, it is amazing to me how easily it can happen.

Color of Urine

The color of your urine says a lot about what’s going on with your body’s health.

Depression and Neurogenic Bladder

Why am I feeling more moody? Winter? Holidays? I have so much, yet depression and dealing with a neurogenic bladder and bowel can cause a feeling of despair that is so hard to shake.


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