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 Dear Trudy.

I’m a 23 years old male who thinks I have neurogenic bladder, yet not diagnosed. Here is my story, about 4 months ago I took shower with cold water and the next day was like a hell, I went to toilet like 20 times, but nothing happened during the night, I mean I didn’t wake up to urinate. Anyway the following month was up and down, some days were good, some days weren’t.

Two months after that, I made very silly things due to my social phobia. I cannot go toilet in public spaces, actually it is very hard for me to go toilet except, my house. During those days I had to travel a lot, and I had to use public toilets, but I couldn’t. I held my urine like 4-5 hours for first day, later 2-3 hours and for 1 week all this time I was holding my urine. When I got back home, after all this incidents, I felt weird on my bladder area and urine flow. My urine was not like how it used to be and sensation of urge to urinate has decreased. I went to doctor and he tested me with a urine flow meter and said yes there is a problem.

I don’t think it is a bladder problem. I think it is neurologic bladder, cause sensation is disappeared now.  I am able to go when I got the toilet,  but in morning I can’t feel urge to go to toilet. I start to urinate after 5-8 seconds. I hope you can give some idea about what I have and how I am going to manage it. 

Sorry for my English, I’m not from UK or US.

Best Wishes, Utku

Dear Utku,

For years had symptoms of Neurogenic Bladder not understanding what that was..  But a turning point for me was when I got very sick with bladder problems.  Neurogenic bladder is a bladder problem.

I worked at a school and toileting breaks were few and far between.  So, at times, I was unable to use the toilet when I felt the urge.  I wanted to be a good employee so I ignored the urge to empty my bladder and in doing so I caused more problems for myself.  I became very sick.

I was pressing my urine out. That act should have been a clue that something was wrong.  I was relatively comfortable and in a holding pattern, just like you.  I thought I would be able to go on for years with clear urine and dealing with a broken bladder. I finally went to a urologist because of the extreme pain. There was blood and an infection in my urine.

The reason we should not ignore these symptoms is because the urine back up can harm our kidneys. We need to be kind to our kidneys.

I am sorry about your inability to use the toilet when you are out and about.  It is very important that you try to empty your bladder when you feel the urge.  If you are like me and cannot feel the urge to urinate.  Try to watch the clock.  Try to go every 3-4 hours. It is best for your bladder and kidneys. Please see a doctor about this.  Holding urine can cause a lot of problems.

Thank you for your question. Please know that you are not alone. Get the professional help you need.  You can even show this blog post to your doctor if you think it will help you better explain your concern.

Best wishes to you and God Bless. Trudy

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Do readers have suggestion for Utku?  How do you push past the fear of using a public rest room?