I have three doctors  I see on a regular basis,  that I have come to respect.   I feel so good about their care.  My life is literally in their hands.    Sometimes I do get frustrated, but it is usually because I have a body that does not cooperate with me, not them.  I spend a lot of time reading other blogs and writings of women in dire medical conditions.  I am sometimes very surprised by the care, or I should say the lack of care some receive.  We women need to feel safe and come into an office expecting the respect and best medical care available to us.  Our future  and self-worth are at stake.  When a person has a disability it means that it will not change.  We need to have a positive attitude about our bodies and surround ourselves with positive doctors.  I want to share with you why I like my doctors.  My prayer for you is that you do not settle for substandard care.

My Urologist

     1.  My doctor was referred to me by a friend of mine that is a also a urologist.  I know that she is very respected by her peers.
    2. She has a very cool system for bladder infections.  If I suspect one coming on, she has me take in a urine sample to a lab so we will know what I am fighting.  I try to wait the few days it takes to run the sample before I take an antibiotic, but if I am in too much discomfort I can take something.  I usually do not.  I just go on a water binge. That helps.  This way I am taking the best antibiotic for the problem I have.
    3.  She does not put me through a guilt trip if I do not want to take the prescribed prescription.  She might not agree, but she will totally work with me when I want a pharmacuetical  alternative.  
    4. Her office always gets back to me and will not make me feel foolish for calling.   I can't tell you what this means to me.  I really try not to be a pest, but walking down this road, my fear factor sets in.    I have an inquisitive mind, as well.    I try not to be over the top.   It is just nice to have a doctor and staff that is on my side and willing to kindly answer my questions and help me with my questions and concerns.

My Uroligist is…

Athena Urology Group, Dr. Lora Plaskon

My Neurologist

  1. Talk about thorough.  I am sure in his own mind he has left no stone unturned.  He keeps unpeckable  notes and has always followed through in getting my medical records from way back from procedures and records from other doctors.  I see him every six months.
  2. He does not take flak from me.  He refuses to test me for Lyme disease but I like him anyway. 
  3. He does not chit chat, but he will be late to get to that next patient, to do what need to get done.

My Family Practice Doctor

  1. The record keeper and once a year check in.  I see her infrequently because other than my
    neurogenic bladder I am in good health.  I see my mother’s doctor more than I see her. 
  2.  I see her as such an importent person on my team. All the records go to her.  She will
    manage my care and I have faith she will do a good job.

My TaTa's

Yes I do get a mammogram every year.

I am happy to share the names of my other doctors.  Just e-mail me.


Will Obama Care change MY good relationship with these fine doctors?  I hope not!

More later…