Yesterday I went in for a urology appointment.  My urologist scheduled me for some tests and had a heart to heart about my sacral nerves.  She is convinced that in my lifetime,  great advances will be made in nerve generation and encouraged me to consider the procedure of Uroplasty or Urgent PC.    She said that as far as nerves are concerned a, USE IT OR LOOSE IT theme,  is deemed important for my future hope, for nerve activity.  If I  don’t really want to use an intermittent catheder the rest of my life, I should try to stimulate the sacral nerves in hope that I will regain use someday.  Perhaps the procedure would stimulate my urgency to pee.  In any case the technique will stimulate my nerves and keep them from fading away.

She started her dialog by telling me again that I was an excellent candidate for the procedure called  Interstem, a technique  with the use of electrodes,  that surround a bladder and a battery pack, like a pacemaker, to help a person like me.  pee again.  I have been resistant to pursue  that procedure,  because I have read so many reports of sheer failure due to that treatment, such as infection, pulsating pain due to the device, and malfunction.  I am also not interested in getting into a “sling” type lawsuit because of the invasive materials or electrodes in my bladder area.   I might change my mind.  Not that long ago I had two really rough bladder infections that involved e-coli.  I was so ready to sign up for the interstem implant,  because I thought I was not going to live long with the multiple bladder infections, anyway.  I have been  infection free for a while,  so I feel as though I can cope with the status quo.  As for now,  I will just watch and wait.

Now getting back to  the Urgent PC Neuromodulation System, which is a non-drug, office based treatment for an overactive bladder.  I do not have an overactive bladder.  I have no feeling  at all, when it comes to an urgency to pee,  so my bladder is far from overactive, it is not active whatsoever,  yet my urologist thinks that this therapy is worth a try.   She feels that area can come back to me,  if it is stimulated.  Another thought, by my doctor, was that at least my sacral  nerves would be stimulated and I could have a chance for recovery if advances of nerve generation become possible someday.

The procedure delivers  a percutaneous   tibial nerve stimulation with an electrode inserted at a site near my ankle.  A device is attached to the needle and delivers mild electoral impulses which travel up the  nerves in my leg,  to the nerves that control my bladder.  I was told that I would feel a sensation on the foot and ankle during the therapy and the discomfort will be minimal. 

The method is worth a try and I will go in for this therapy once a week starting January 21.  The treatment duration time  is  a half hour,   for about a month.  Time will tell  if this procedure is effective for me. 

The cost is $200 dollars a procedure.   I am told because it is experimental and  I will have to bear the cost.  I plan to shop around for a better price.  After Christmas I will call my neurologist and ask him if he offers the therapy.  Perhaps he offers a less expensive outlay.

So wish me luck.  I will be sure to report back.  More later…