I made a huge mistake while I was a guest chaperoning at a Japanese high school last summer.  I  should have known better, it was just so darn hot, I was not thinking clearly.   I threw my used catheters away in the restroom trash can.   I left a tattle tale.  Beware, do not make the same mistake!  The used catheters could be mistaken for drug paraphernalia.  Garbage is meant to get rid of. It is not ment be inspected.  To be honest I was stupid.  I have seen enough spy movies to know the garbage is always checked, well in the movies anyway.   I need not  leave tattle tales.  It is so easy to use a zip lock bag and sneak those babies out.

In Japan the kids clean their own schools.  How novel, they even clean the restrooms. Not every country has  schools run by several unions involved in the workings of the school.  Being raised in the states I always imagined a busy person, well custodian, emptying the trash giving the contents no thought.

Well they  found them,  how embarrassing!!

What is worse is that I was not invited back to chaperone this summer.   They told me that when I felt better to please come back.  Am I sick?  Can I get better?  I need, what I need.  These catheters are a part of my healthy life.  Right now I feel great and to be honest I don’t see myself as near deaths door.

Gee, if we were in the states I would feel a discrimination law suit brewing…we are not however.  I will just need to get over it.

There is a lesson to be learned.