Like a ring of girlfriends we need to band together to offer support and acceptance.  

        Perhaps your story can help someone.  

       Please copy and paste questioner and send to;



purpose of this project is to help women to better understand the conditions
known as neurogenic bladder and bowel and to provide support.  In the blog,
  I have written openly about my disability.  My story is only one of
many different types of neurogenic bladder and bowel that affect women.
 In order to tell a more complete story I want to open this blog up to
others. Simon and Garfunkel wrote a song about being a rock…but actually no one
is an Island.  But we all can get to the place where we feel a bit lonely
or blue . . .  Lets change that and offer each other the support we need
to get on with Living.

 Please take the time to share your story.

The Questions

  1.  What is your diagnosis?  How did you find out?  What are your symptoms?
  2. Please share a bit about your
    life.   What do you like? What do you
    think should be shared with others, which you would like to say, but not
  3. What tips do you have to offer others
    in your situation?  How do you cope? 
  4. Do you have funny stories?
    Sentimental stories?
  5.  Do you have some sort of encouragement to
    share with others?
  6. If you could offer any advice to
    health care providers what would it be?

Please send a picture of
yourself if you like it could be with sunglasses and a wig or hat if you want
or a picture of your favorite pet.  Soon
you will see a new part to my blog, and you will be a guest author…  Thank you for your help!

  Your responses will be published. If
you want to change your name or even some intimate details of your story please
feel free to do so.  I will edit your
story and then use it for the blog  and perhaps another project someday.  All this is intended to help other women.

If you decide that you love writing like I do, then I encourage you to share your thoughts with others and start your own type pad account.   Trust me when I say, it is cheaper that a therapist and and more fun than I ever imagined!

Share Your Passion