After my urologist performed a Urodynamics test at his office, he said I was the perfect candidate for InterStim Therapy.  This is a pacemaker for your bladder.

How proactive do I want to be? I have never liked knives.   I am still considering it, but it is a very invasive surgery. It does come in two parts.  In the first phase, a test is done to see if the device even works.  A thin wire is inserted next to one of the sacral nerves in your back, which then controls the bladder.  A battery is connected. I would wear the pack for about 10 days to see if it is possible to feel the urgency and frequency to urinate again. The second phase has more hardware and is put into the body: the upper buttock area, I think.  It is a pacemaker with a battery.

I read in one article that 70-80 percent respond positively.  I have read dismal studies, as well.  One study noted, out of 28 devices put in, only 1 worked after 2 years.  Not good.

  1.   I wonder…. If I did this, how long would it last?
  2. I’m scared……Would it bug me to death?
  3. Good thing — I bet it would help with bladder infections.
  4. A little concern……What about infections that the device itself might invoke?

What would you do?

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