We draw a line in the sand when openly discussing the process of voiding, in any form shape or style.   One in particular is the appropriateness of speaking to others of toilet issues, in general, especially the opposite sex.   I suppose this will provide a window for any of you who are trying to guess my age: my college days were spent in a sorority, not a co-ed dorm. 

Anyone in polite society does not converse about health issues, especially any drama surrounding "voiding".    I get it.   So excuse me if I press the issue.   Do you suppose it is because our disability involves something that stinks?  Or perhaps it involves the area down there, you know, our private parts?   Do you suppose it is because men and women have different plumbing?  

I think different plumbing is really the key issue; the deal that sets us apart in so many ways. Because of our different tubing, we women are prone to more bladder infections.  Besides that,  along with long labors, giving birth, and nursing those little buggers to perfection, along the way, some of us find out we have a neurogenic bladder and bowel just for our trouble (vaginal deliveries.)  

I will never forget the first email I received from a male reader.   I almost fainted because in my heart, I have been writing to women and pouring out my heart . . . .   I guess in my heart I still am, but difficulties with bladder and bowel functions cross male and female lines.   I know that I will need to get over this because there is a part in all of us that wants to be heard and accepted as we are.    We have a quest in life to reach out to others and to tell others what we are really about.     

Male and female are not alike!; I have not quite broken this barrier.   I am quite shy about my personal business and I am not sure I will EVER have a lengthy conversation with the opposite sex about my medical condition.     

 I must say my heart goes out with compassion to anyone dealing with neurogenic bowel and bladder issues.  I know females and males are reading this blog; it is just that I, in my heart am just writing to you, the women. The thought of any other option is beyond embarrassing!  But, snooping is encouraged!  :-)

More Later…