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The Connection of Neurogenic Bowel and Bladder Infection

Lake Ozette Hike
Trudy (me) and the Biosleuth (Julia)  with hubbies, on the best hike ever! 

In my last post I wrote about trying to clear my bowel so I could go on a nine mile hike.  Well I did and my technique worked but in a way I paid for it in the end.  I caused a  diarrhea of sorts and no matter how hard I tried to keep myself clean,  I ended up with a bladder infection.

Bladder infections really do not have to be a common occurrence just because I use  a catheter
five times a day to pee.  I wash my hands
thoroughly, I am careful that I shower daily, yet it does happen.  As a matter of fact I am on Bacterium right now
because of a bladder infection.  I know
how I got my latest infection, because it is almost routine what seems to cause an infection for me.

 What is it
about loose stools and bladder infections? 

 I thought I took so many
precautions but no, wamo here I am.

I think that
having a bowel issue along with urinary retention can be a challenge and I am honestly
not sure what the answer is.  I will continue to press on.  Had I
been born a man I would not have this problem.  As a female my three
chasms sit like three ducks in a row.  They are side by side and like best
friends they share all.  Alas if I was born a male the separation between
and the sharing of, my orifii , would not be a problem of transferring that dreaded bacteria to my bladder.     As a man, bacteria from
feces would be slim to none since there is such a great distance.  

A good scrub bath antibacterial soap works wonders, sometimes.

We women need to be careful.  So sorry to say, we are more prone.

YES the hike was worth it.

More later…


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