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Opening up helps others, Neurogenic Bladder

Last night I was invited to join friends for a free concert. What a delight.

The evening was sponsored by Umbrella Ministries, a nonprofit, strictly volunteer, Christian organization that reaches out to mothers who have lost a child. The evening was full of hope and promise. The founder, Daisy, got up and spoke about the complete devastation she experienced when she lost her child. The words she wrote were put into a book eventually, and used to help others. She included words of scripture and practical advice that continue to heal broken hearts.

The power of Scripture. The power of words. The power of not feeling alone.

There is that part of us, in our very core that begs to have people understand us. Sometimes mere words cannot be spoken that convey what you want to say or even what you want to hear. Feelings and emotions can be too sharp; too painful. Some topics are just too emotional, too personal, too embarrassing, and too raw.

Last night as I sat feeling tender and very glad I was a part of something bigger than myself, it got me to thinking: this blog that you are reading started much in the same way as Umbrella Ministries.

Journaling is like a little seed . . .


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