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A Flacid Bladder Question for Trudy

Question for Trudy: Hi! First I want to say thanks for being brave and speaking out about this problem. I have small, flaccid neurogenic bladder. My question is should I wear diapers? I do wear menstrual pads, but sometimes they are not strong enough to keep the fluid in, so I must change them from…

Beyond Embarrassment, Author Interview

The Theme of Beyond Embarrassment is shed the shame and stand proud!
Questions & Answers Part 1 of 2

Q. What was your inspiration for writing Beyond Embarrassment?
A. I was understandably upset when I first found out that I had a neurogenic bladder. I could not talk about my medical problem because I was too embarrassed. Two things happened as I began my research and living with my neurogenic bladder:

I could find nothing on how to cope with neurogenic bladder and bowel and that made me frustrated.
I started the blog and then the book to get people talking about neurogenic bladder and bowel and to offer useful life tips for living.


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