Did you know that eight million women are at risk for “difficult to treat bladder infections” due to super bugs caused by the yummy chicken we enjoy for dinner?    Let me explain.   As we eat this meat, we become more resistant to antibiotics that can help us, because the live stock that we are eating,  have been fed antibiotics themselves.    Eighty percent of the different types of  antibiotics, that are prescribed in this country, are being fed to livestock.  I guess this means each time I enjoy a hamburger or BBQ chicken this summer I am eating the antibiotics too.  I have been told by my sister, who has chickens on her farm, that the antibiotics are in the chicken feed she feeds her chickens.

What if we become sick and cannot fight off that raging bacterial infection because our body no longer responds to a particular antibiotic that we have unknowingly consumed?    We just ate it for dinner too many times.  WE ARE IN TROUBLE!   Each time we eat non organic meat , (I wish I could tell you that even one time I have bought organic meat,)we are eating meat that has been pumped with antibiotics.

  I have always wondered if something labeled organic was REALLY organic.  We raised drop calves as on the farm I was raised on.  Now I live in the suburbs.  How does someone that lives in the berbs find that kind of meat? 

This super bug threat is alarming to me because I am prone to bladder infections anyway.  I self cath to pee about 5 times a day and no matter how careful I am,  I can still get a UTI.  So when I get a bladder infection, I could get a super bug bladder infection.  They call them super bugs because that are resistant to any form of antibiotic.  The bacteria have mutated and are just resistant.

The sugar found in cranberries, D-Mannose is a natural alternative to antibiotics when I feel a urinary tract infection coming on.  I drink some with a huge amount of water.  Even when I don't feel a bladder infection coming on,  I have a little each day.  It is said that it works because it keeps the e coli from attaching to the bladder wall. 

I have tried to be careful, but antibiotics are a key part of my daily life with a neurogenic bladder.  In the end, no matter how hard I try, my life depends on fighting an infection here and there.

I will need to be more diligent about eating organic meat.

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