Oh my goodness iPhone users, our backs are covered!  There is now an app for those of us that need to use an intermittent catheter on a regular basis, but miss the normal cues to urinate. I have commented endlessly about how hard it is for those of us with urine retention to remember to empty our bladder.   It is easy for me to forget to use my catheter to urinate because that part of me is paralyzed.  I will just get a stomach ache and sometimes  I forget because do not want to stop what I am doing.   I get distracted and forget to take care of myself.

Forgetting to urinate should NOT be an option for us.  It is so important to keep on a regular schedule because that is how we keep our kidneys healthy.  By emptying our bladder on a regular basis we keep the bacteria at bay.  We will also get less bladder infections.  What an important app.  It is great that though we think of ourselves as a small exclusive group, in reality there are a lot of people using catheters. After all, "There's an app for that."

We all drink different amounts of liquids so what I set my app for would be different than what you set yours for.  Some of us work and the schedule at work helps us remember to use our catheters.  Where I get into problems is weekends and holidays where there is not a schedule.  This is where this app is just perfect to remind me and keep me healthy. 

With this app you can select up to ten times of day and the reminder does not have to say" cath" or "pee" it can say "pick up kids" or anything you want it to say.  

It can also be set anytime you choose.

You can go to your app store and download it for free, 


 TAH DAH, the app!!!