When I was diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder I was so desperate for information that I looked up movies with quadriplegics and those having paraplegia in the lead roles.  My thought was that people with that disability usually have bowel and bladder paralysis as well.  I was so hungry for insight.  I did not know a single person with a neurogenic bladder or bowel that I could strike up a conversation with.  I could not ask my urologist out for lunch and girls talk.  When I first googled neurogenic bladder I had so many questions besides the definitions and terms.  The articles seemed so impersonal.  I just wanted to talk to a friend, but to be honest I was too embarrassed to do so.    I had questions like;

1.  What would happen to my friendships if anyone found out?

2.  Can I keep this part of my life private?

3.  Is there more to me than just this?

4.  Will I turn others off?

5.  Will I make it to the toilet on time?

A lot of time movies have themes and a point to make so started my movie quest.  I began watching movies with the star dealing with paralysis.  As I watched for a part of the story line that touched, personal matters.

Some movie thoughts;

1My Left Foot is a  movie that  made me cry.  The love and compassion by the leads family was profound.   In my opinion it was the most entertaining of the lot.  It just gave me a warm feeling.   It is so good that I put it up with, my favorite movies, Sound of Music and Grand Torino.

2.  Passion Fish is so good because it just has practical advice.  The quad got her man even with the personal challenges.  It was so cool that the toilet issues were discussed; practical advice was given like eating and toileting regularly.   

3.  I thought Avatar threw the disabled under the bus.  Don't bother if you are looking for support in this one!  It is kind of like Darth Vator in Star Wars III.  A new body is made out of a broken one.  Not much help for me.

4.  Magic at Belle Island was a dear story.  Not many insights but I liked it.

5.  The Other Side of the Mountain 2 was a good movie.  It touched on many issues.

Where I am going with all of this is the medical articles are good for the definitions and the physical.  That is all interesting.  But there is more to discovering a disability than that.  There is an innate need and concern that has nothing to do with the head knowledge part.  There is the connection with others and the need of acceptance.  It is the part that concerns who we are and how we feel and relate to others, our emotions. Do you love me and can I love you?  

Movies help with understanding the part of a person that longs to connect and be connectable.

I invite you to add to this list.  I will also report if I find good movies.  Let's keep eachother informed!

Top 20 Disability, Paraplegic at the Movies