Bathroom favorite things

Bathroom favorite things

Now don’t laugh at me when I explain why I appreciate my bathroom trash can so very much! You will surely agree with me when you find out why. Now I know what you are thinking…a trash can for a she for real????

My toilet area is in a tiny little space with no counters, so the trash can sits next to my toilet.   I have a procedure that involves a lot of steps and a great deal of waste (which is where that big trash can comes handy):Long gone are the days when I could simply pee like a racehorse, wash my hands and leave.

Please also notice the Big John Toilet seat. It has an extra raised and thick seat with an opening so I have a straight shot with out the risk of touching my catheter to anything that is not sterile.

And as you are saying yeah right, how is the top of a trash can sterile?? Well I do not touch it with my hands because of the foot peddle and my devices are wrapped in sterile wrapping to keep them very clean before used. I also keep the top of the trash can clean after use wit a Lysol spray.

I wash my hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap which I just get at the grocery store; I use Dial.  I spend a great deal of time washing my hands since I use a woman’s intermittent catheter to relieve myself.  I am right-handed and I hold the catheter between my thumb and pointing finger, but at times I need to touch the catheter itself with my ring finger to guide it in.  So, when I wash my hands I really scrub all of my hand but I REALLY spend time on the ring finger.  (A side note about this particular antibacterial soap: in the shower, keep it away from your perineal area; it burns like crazy.)

My very favorite part of this trash can is that it has a foot opener, so I never have to open the trash can with my hands.  That helps keep things sterile for me. It is big enough to accommodate a week’s worth of plastic and has a lid on top so I do not need to be reminded of all of the garbage my disability produces.  I selected a model that is tall enough to use as a table to put things on that I need to use on a daily basis, as well.

Because I get frequent bladder infections, sometimes daily of a persistent nature, I not only need to use a catheter I also need to insert a large syringe of liquid compounded-antibiotic into my bladder.  This is where my trash can comes in once again.  I use the top of it like a tabletop to set the syringe with antibiotic on temporarily. After I use the catheter to empty my bladder the syringe is ready for me to use.

Looking at the picture you will also see a white toothpaste looking tube.  That my friends is vaginal hormone cream.  It keeps my labia healthy and supple: another weapon against bladder infections.

Now I ask you, where would I be without my trash can with its lid?  I use it for a counter top and a top-secret hiding place for all of my supplies when I’m done with them.

I use Lysol antibacterial spray to clean it at the end of each process.
Do you have items in your daily life that help you? Let us know by replying in the comments.