On 3/19/13 at 7:56 AM, Scott Beckert wrote:

Hi Trudy,

I came across your article"Adult Diapers and Other Protection Aids" today via Google Alerts.

 Two things:

1) You must be happy thatGoogle is getting your message out.

2) You are very brave sharing your difficulties, and are to be commended for sharing your story.  I liked your piece because it was straight forward and to the point. You gave real advice and that is NOT common these days!

It seems that most articles are at the 30,000 foot level and never get into the weeds of actually what to do!That is frustrating for lots of people out there. I know, because I gets lots of calls from teens who wet their beds,  children dealing with failing parents and the like.  People need to know just  what to do.

That's why I started www.StayDryToday.com.

I get to share advice from  my 23 years in the  adult incontinence business…I KNOW!!…23  years selling adult diapers.

 This is also  why I am writing. PLEASE do NOT send people toWal*Mart for help.( I have no axe to grind with Wal*Mart. They help lots of people.)

Don't even send them to the drugstore or the supermarket.

There is NO ONE there to help them. Really.

 And there is a poor
selection available at these places…offering only light to moderate protection…maybe.

 When I wrote the 200 product descriptions for www.StayDryToday.com, I intentionally left out over 100 products I would never use on my Mom or my Dad.

There is a lot of junk out there, and unless someone specifically requests a low end brand for a reason, sites like mine will not touch them.

 I am not knocking anyone, just letting you know that there is hope and help out there…just not at a boxstore.

If you would like any other info or like to talk directly, I am here.  In fact I spend much of my time talking with folks who may not ever  buy online. That's okay. I am here to help.

 I talk with caregivers and patients and hope I am helping them. I  think I am.

 Be well and God bless.

And keep up the good fight. YOU are helping!

 Scott B


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Hope this helps, more later…..