All this hub bub about medical insurance….

In this economy, I am sure many people are tempted by medical tourism. Sure it is cheaper, the price is certainly right. A person considering this might be tempted because of a sense of adventure and the thought of a greener pasture on the other side. Even simple things like the safety of traveling alone and understanding the culture of the country of choice.

I know my son has considered medical tourism because of a shoulder injury. He lives abroad anyway and is active researching his medical options.  He knows that here medical costs can be sky high.

Tourest, 1

Complications can arise;

1. What legal recourse would you have if something went wrong?

2. Will the insurance company stateside honor complications due to
misfortune abroad?

3. Logistically due to different malpractice and liability laws, what
is your recourse if the medical treatment goes awry?

4. How would one really know the credentials of the doctor?

The point I am making is the treatment part. How do we know the doctor's expertise is what we need? How do we know the products we are treated with are sanitary and safe?
It is so disappointing to go far away with the hope of a cure and find yourself sicker that when you left home.

My point is to be careful wherever you are and live a full life! I think that we should all take chances sometimes; we just need to understand the risks.

More Later…