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Like  The Music Man, Oh my,  there is trouble in River City!   Now soon to be, there are upcoming taxes on medical devices thanks to Obama Care.

In the beginning Obama care was touted as the savior those with pre-existing health conditions.  We would be treated like everyone else, insurers could not show  prejudice because we cost more. The costs, we are told,  would be distributed fairly…

It is not my fault that I have a disability,  that causes me to depend on a medical device.  I do not know about you, but I use a medical device every time I pee, because if my neurogenic bladder,  I am unable to empty my bladder without a catheter and I can get pretty sick if I have urine left in my bladder because of urinary retention .  

Fairness aside, please forgive me for costing all of you more, because I think that because of these taxes, all of our insurance will go up.

I use 180 catheters per month. I am not talking about small change. The catheters I use are outrageously expensive. Without insurance my Coloplast Speedicath Catheters cost $4.93 each.  Now with insurance I pay $1.97 each. After I pay my deductible I pay $.78 each. I would rather buy a candy bar!  What will my cost be after this tax goes into affect?  

I ordered my supplies today and for the first time they let me order three months in advance.  I wonder if they were thinking the same thing as me…Perhaps there will be a rush for all of us to stock up, before the tax goes in.

I had another thought…. will medical devices be harder to get?  Will there be less?  I know our neighbors to the North need to wait a very long time for anything related to their health care.  Soon will I have to scour the shelves to find what I need?

Here are some examples of devices;

  • Diabetic supplies
  • Wound care supplies
  • Crutches
  • Pacemakers
  • All kinds of supplies you see in a hospital
  • Artificial limbs and  wheel chairs
  • Band aids
  • Hearing aids

How about employers?  If they had a  chance not to offer insurance because of the cost,  would they stick to part time employees?   How are the employers affected?  

 Yet here I am….

Just wondering…..

Let me explain….

Older patients on Medicare are the primary users of medical devices, We use them every day!  So the tax will simply be shifted back to the taxpayer, and that is me!. That means higher Medicare costs for my mother and other older folks and higher costs in general. Higher costs are on the way for sure.  It makes me want to shake in my boots…What exactly does my insurance company have planned for me? 

What about my employer??  I work for a school district.  Will they want to hire more part time employees?  How about MacDonalds and Wall mart?  In the end SOMEONE has to pay.