Any financial advisor worth his or her grain of salt will tell a family with resources to buy long term health insurance as they plan for the future.
The advice my husband and I received regarding long term care insurance was to take care of it before our sixtieth birthday.
For both my husband and I, that advice did not work for us. In the same year well before our sixties, he was diagnosed with a heart ailment and I was diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder.
What a shock to us since we were both looking good, not overweight, and and-eating well. Now all of a sudden we are considered high risk when just the week before we were at our prime, taming the world with energy and vitality.
Well, guess what? We still are, we just look TERRIBLE on paper. We are not allowed to send videos of our selves, or our job reviews. We are judged by an ailment. I know that now, for the first time I can understand the feeling of being labeled without a chance to explain. Not the color of my skin, just the condition of my bladder.
As our population gets older how many of us will have the luxury of knowing we won’t be subjected to our children’s loud music and crazy hours? I am just kidding about this of course. All of us, deep in our hearts want to think that our children will step forward and take care of us in our later years . My grandmother lived with us. I take care of my mother, at times. But to be honest, not all of us have kids. Elder care is expensive. How DO WE PLAN??? I know…kids please forgive all of the times I hit the fan when you spilled juice on the kitchen floor …. in a few years I will need your help. Long term care insurance is out of the question.