I started my blog last February, out of desperation, because so much of what I read about my symptoms of neurogenic bladder and bowel was written by medical professionals.   I had a hunger to reach out to other  women going through the daily challenges of getting out into the world with a disability and going for it.  In my trying to wrap my head around my medical condition, I didn't want to read about the definitions and causes. I wanted to know how to live my life.  Would my husband still love me?  What if I had an accident at work and pooped my pants?   How do I cope with missing what I have lost?   Will I fit in?

The most frequently googled or looked up post from my blog is my post on sex.   One could think that there are a bunch of perverts out there, but that is not my opinion at all, I think that we all really want to know more about a part in life we share intimately  with our partners.   Will the diagnosis of neurogenic bladder and bowel ultimately  effect MY  marital relationship?   Will a diagnosis of a disease that effects my nerves,  kill my nerves to the point of never experiencing the bells and whistles of orgasm again? When will the next shoe drop?   What will I loose next?   It has been a while, will I ever weep with pleasure again?   It is so very hard to even ask some of these hard questions, at least it is for me. I just could not let my mind wander too much.   The activity on my sex post does not surprise me one bit.

We are all sexual beings and God has given us a marvelous gift.  Some of us need to work a little harder to keep this gift going,  and sometimes it comes to a point that it does not feel like a gift but more like a job.  A lot of the times we just hurt.   I am here to say, to be your encourager, don't give up!   There are many reasons to continue lovemaking.   We humans crave human touch, we love to love.


1.  One of the biggest benefits that I see is the spiritual bonding that takes place between my husband and I.  We become soul mates in every way.

2.  At times I become stiff and sore.  I feel great pain relief and a sense of relaxation.  We humans need touch and the warmth of another person.  I am sure the endorphins help my feeling of calm and well being.  The headache excuse does not hold up.  In fact your headache can be cured.

3.  I sleep better.

4  We all remember the scene in Private Benjamin where Goldie’s husband dies in the act.  Fear not, the act of orgasm is good for your heart.  It even lowers your blood pressure.

    5.  Consider the extra calories you are using.  Better that the gym, I say.

    6.  There are a lot of hormones.   It spikes; DHEA which helps brain function), Oxytocin (which is considered the hormone for effective people)and it also helps with estrogen(keeping my vaginal area supple).  Sex has been blamed for bladder infections.  I want to encourage you and say  if the act of orgasm elevates  estrogen, thus keeping our vaginal area supple, this will ward off bladder infections!

    7.   Our lymph nodes help us detoxify our body.  They are emptied by movement.  This type of movement helps with the cleansing of our body.

    8.  Did you know that during the act of orgasm releases a growth hormone that helps
    you stay young? Now don't we all want that?

    In life we need to use it or loose it.  Go for it!

    Love, Trudy