DID I HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!  I traveled out of state to meet up with a group of people who taught me most of what I know, my classmates.  Many were with me from first grade until graduation from high school.  Together we illegally  would sneek off campus to buy candy, screamed at football games, and gossiped about the tiresome adults in our life.  My first crush was there.  So many memories packed into one room.   They  were my partners in life and in crime.  So many of the "girls " looked the same while the "boys"… well lets just say we were lucky to have name with class pictures attached because there was little resemblance.  There was a remembrance board commemorating the classmates that were no longer with us.  It was somber for me remembering my lost friends and wondering who would be gone next time. 

As I looked around the room I saw happy, yet imperfect bodies. There were people dealing with cancer, obesity, perhaps someone was like me and dealing with a neurogenic bladder.  I saw a few canes, yet  I met wisdom, experience, success, pride, in a life well spent.    Best of all I saw satisfaction.  The veineer of the old days was rubbed off and replaced by something better.  We were all happy to enjoy who we were and who we are and contentedness filled the space.

 Just by being with that group of lovely people made me feel young and happy.  The self absorbed, selfish part of me is gone.  It did not matter because I was theirs and they were mine.  It is a unique experience as we all age.  For all of us it is new every day.   Some of our issues are hidden like mine, but some are so ovious to the world.  We humans all experince this life in stages.  It was just fun to be in a room of people who were in the same stage as me!

More later..