I still get really mad when I think about my first urologist. His thought was that having bladder infections are normal for people that have neurogenic bladder and bowel and need to use a catheter to pee. He refused to test my urine. Since I cath he thought that there was foreign bacteria in my urine, so why bother. The former urologist told me to white knuckle infections; he said cloudy, stinky urine was fine that it was part of my condition. I understand that his concern was the overuse of antibiotics. There is a fine line. Infection can lead to dialysis and the relief of antibiotics can lead to the ineffectiveness of antibiotics. I understand that running out for antibiotics frequently will increase my chances of developing an anti-resistant strain of bacteria or superbug. Yet if I don't treat the infection, my kidneys can blow out.
What a balancing act!

After I changed urologists I had three bladder infections in a row. Only because she wanted a urine sample before I took the antibiotics, we found out that I had a chronic staph infection. She then had me take a low dose antibiotic for twenty days. That regiment did the trick. I was given relief from that discomfort and distraction. What would have happened if I had the former urologist? First of all he would not have me test a urine sample. I would never have known I was fighting a staph infection. But my question to my former urologist could have been, WHAT KIND OF BACTERIA? His ideas were to white knuckle the pain and in the meantime blow my kidneys out.
When you select an urologist, ask about their treatment system for bladder infections.

We don’t plan on getting infections on weekends and holidays but let’s face it, we just do. If the urologist you have now does not test your urine every time you have an infection, why not? I have become resistant to a certain antibiotic.  If my urologist did not take the time to test my urine I would never know. We need proactive doctors, not lazy ones.

Some antibiotics that are used to treat bladder infections are hard on other parts of your body.
Are you doing your research to know what they are?

I want to report that the system is very effective. Recently I sent a specimen to the lab with my husband, because I was feeling a bit sick. My urine was cloudy. Cloudy urine is the surefire clue of the beginning stages of my bladder infections. I wait until the culture is complete so if I can hang in there, (because the pain gets kind of rough) over the weekend I will be able to pin point what antibiotic to take. I know that every time I take an antibiotic that leaves me fewer times in the future because I can become immune. I am happy for this new convenient system.

I admit, YES I am prone to bladder infections. I am also a productive member of society and I do my best with the medical team I have by my side to get through the pain and move on.