Have you ever heard of a woman’s product called Go Girl?  I want to tell you about it,  but let me share this with you ….

When I told my mother,  I had a neurogenic bladder and needed a catheter to pee, she was so upset  she cried.   To be honest by the time I gave her my newest medical information, I was so used to the idea and so very happy, that I was comfortable and pain free, it was hard to wrap my mind around her tears.  It is so very simple to self-cath that I was wondering how I could have made my news a little easier for her to hear.  Another time, I had to go to the hospital for a procedure and I needed to tell the nurse, that I kind of knew (because our boys played sports together) that I had a neurogenic  bladder.  She got all emotional and teary as well. I was not sure how to handle either of these situations. Now I have a great idea for when I have to break the news to some unsuspecting person….. Just wait, this is good….

I was out shopping for my Bunko gifts last Sunday, after church, at a luggage store.   I came across an interesting product.  It is a pink, soft, rubbery, kitchen shaped funnel, that is collapsed,( so you  could fit it between your legs.)  This apparatus is for women to pee in,  so that they can direct the flow of their pee.  Say you are in a boat, and you have to pee and the water is just too cold for a swim or perhaps you are at a rock concert and you do not want to sit on a strange dirty toilet seat.   This product is for women not lucky enough to have an insurance company pay for the real deal, female urinary catheters, like me.  The Go Girl is the best second choice.

Now this is my point.  If you feel like my life is so bad because I need to cath to pee you need to realize that there are amazing benefits as well. I could carry around these GO GIRL devices and let these Nay-sayers experience the freedom I experience on a daily basis.

The Benefits of using a woman’s urinal catheter;

1.  I can easily stand to pee.

2.  I do not need to sit in a strange porta potty.

3.  Since I have bladder retention I can go quite a while before I need to pee.  I am kind of like a camel.  How convenient!

4.  There is some dryness women my age get, yet when I cath I get a little lubrication which is a good thing.

So I can have some samples and say, “If you want to experience the wonderful freedom of standing to pee, not needing to squat, go out and get a GO GIRL.”   I should buy some to give as gifts.  I don’t want to be the only lucky girl on the block.  Perhaps if they experienced the freedom I have, they will not cry.

Being happy does not mean you are perfect.  It just means you desire to look beyond imperfections.

The product, Go Girl