Currently I use Speedicath by Coloplast.

Currently I use SpeedicathIMG_5584 by Coloplast.  For those who do not know Speedicath is small and looks like a skinny tube of lipstick. The complaints I have heard about Speedicath is that it is too short and one sometimes has to touch the lubricated ridged tip to insert it easily. But this catheter has served me well over the years.

Now I am provided with another option.IMG_5579

I received a sample: size twelve french. (Fourteen  french is what I normally use.)Measure

My first time using the catheter I definitely needed two hands. ( I can’t resit this tidbit. Most medical pictures have a woman separate her labia with one had and insert a catheter with the other.  For my book  Beyond Embarrassment I had a graphic artist change that in a picture, because actually the act of a woman opening her legs, opens her labia as well. Which is a good thing for the first time I inserted this new catheter!) I needed one hand to hold the device and one hand to pull the tubing out of the wound container.  As I pulled the tubing through the protective sheath, the white cylinder you see in the picture (which is great because I am sure this will cut down on infection) I got a little pinch because I did not pull it down far enough.

I then pulled on the  tubing to insert the catheter into my bladder, the lubrication is so slight that I could not see the slime but I know it was there, because the catheter is easily inserted.  An excess of lubrication can cause a yucky build-up over the day, actually, so it is nice that they have this type of lubrication, with no build up.

The urine flowed out quickly.

The ring shape made it easier to hold.  

Countless times I have dropped a catheter in the toilet. Not a fun fishing expedition, by the way! This is the part of their design that is surprising to me.  It is secure in my hands and easy to hold while using.

I am sure insertion will get better with practice.


CompactCath is a first of its kind compact urinary catheter, designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of active people who self-catheterize.
CompactCath features:
• Compact packaging that fits in your hand !
• Pre-lubrication for smooth insertion !
• Retractable mechanism allowing easy and discreet disposal !
• Flexible funnel for easy aiming !

• Non-touch hygiene mechanism for infection protection !

Thanks to modern medicine, people with chronic conditions who used to
be tied to hospital settings are now leading active, independent lives.
However, traditional catheters have been designed for the hospital, and
often come in the way of everyday activities.

CompactCath was designed by a multidisciplinary team of physicians,
engineers, and MBAs, in cooperation with physicians, nurses and patients.
We applied design thinking methodologies and are committed to improving
the quality of life of those who need to self-catheterize.

The result is CompactCath, a product that fits to the modern lifestyle of
patients. We envision a world where people will no longer have to fear or
fight with their medical devices. Time and energy should be spent on the
important things in life.

Alumni of the Stanford StartX-Med accelerator program,
CompactCath was founded in 2011 and is based in Palo Alto, CA.
CompactCath has presented at the Aspen Ideas Festival in 2012, obtained
2 patents in 2013, and expects FDA clearance in the summer of 2014.

Contact: !