How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

After school I was visiting with my team and we came to the realization that we all had bodies that were misbehaving..We got a good laugh because as we are all about the same age, we were all living the older version of life on the edge.
There is something crazy fun about a Friday afternoon at a High School. The kids are making plans. The staff is giddy with relief and so excited to spring out the door for a busy weekend. What a contrast to what I wanted to do when I first found out that I had a neurogenic bladder and had to use intermittent self catheters just to pee. Everything in me at first wanted to stay home, next to my toilet, and nurse my aches and pains.
Honestly the best thing to do when your body is going SOUTH is to allow your spirit to travel NORTH. Find a delight, take up a hobby, my new one is blogging.

What do you think?