There is always a time about mid-month when I see my medical supplies dwindling. The package is emptying and I know that my next box will arrive in a week or so. When anticipated arrival does arrive I say a quick prayer of THANK YOU GOD because I know that that box contains lifesaving supplies for me.Or what about the moment the pharmacist says that is the end of your refills.  Does one call the doctor imminently for a new prescription or wait and run the risk of not having what you need when your doctor is out of town or the office is closed? These are real situations that those of us with chronic illnesses find ourselves in.

Just this month I experienced  this drama, a frustrating situation because when the pharmacist told me that I had no more refills I notified my doctor’s office.  They mistakenly thought that I was asking for more mediation.  The problem for me is that I did not need more medication at that time, I was just planning ahead. Now I have a compounded liquid antibiotic that has a short shelf life in abundance.  My husband thinks I should just buy it, I will.  I appreciate my doctor and I will just pray that when I use this medication that it will still be good. Besides if I do not use it I will also have my insurance company to deal with because like all of the medication and devices in my life there are major costs involved.I have doubts that the insurance will pay for the needed drug twice.

It is a good thing I have a doctor’s appointment next week.  I am courteous what the doctor thinks I should have done.Should I order when  am desperate or notify the doctors office that my prescription had run out?

There are many folks that save up for the big one. The big earthquake, the volcano eruption or heaven forbid the dirty bomb. Very ugly scenarios for sure. I know during the Y2K scare I loaded up on toilet paper, Clorox bleach, flour, sugar, and canned goods. It all came to naught but I was prepared. I still want, from the bottom of my heart want to stock up on medical supplies.

I am unable to stock up on my medical supplies. For those I am truly dependent on the mail delivery system. The company that produces them. The airplanes or trains or automobiles that transport them and then the blessed delivery man that drops them off. We are also dependent on the insurance company monthly hand-out.

I am not the only individual in this predicament. Many of us rely on medical supplies. I rely on catheters, a compounded antibiotic. Some others rely on insulin, wound care supplies, special foods, and so many other lifesaving substances.

It would be proper for the insurance company to let us have a little extra for an emergency? We carry spare tires in our cars. We have back up batteries in our smoke detectors. We have substitute teachers in our schools. We dam rivers for a reserve water supply. We carry extra gum in our purse just in case we have to whisper in an ear. I have alternative shoes for each outfit.

Perhaps it is a “consider the lilies of the field” situation.  I need faith.

It is a good thing I have a doctor’s appointment next week.  I wonder what the doctor thinks I should have done? Order when  am desperate or notify the doctors office that my prescription had run out? I am sure you get my drift. How do you feel at the end of the month?